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GAME OF THRONES , HBO NORDIC – That is why everyone talks about the first episode in season 8 of Game

Winter is here.

The night of Monday, April 15, Norwegian time, the first episode of the last season was made available in the Game of Thrones.

We've seen the episode and give you the most important things you need to know.

NB SPOILERS! Do not read further in this case if you have not seen the incident

The episode is much shorter than many thoughts, and only 50 minutes long. Before the season came, many believed that the episodes were much longer.

The disappointment at Arya if she is not seen by her brother, Jon Snow, who's coming to Winterfell with the rest of her allies. In a few minutes, Ned Stark is the old alliance for the Alliate headquarters.

Joining Jon with his relatives becomes short-lived before he becomes alert.

All of this is not very well under the Allies soon visible and clear. However, it is visible that the Allies get glass dragons – one of the few things that can kill white shops. It is Gien, the man we know is the son of an old king who is a promise. He's also the blacksmith who's making the weapons.

Tyrion Lannister also presents everyone in the north that the Lannister Army is northern to join, but if we know of the last series of season 7, it is not. Sansa Stark also does not mention that it is true and says the following to Tyrion:

– I had to think you were the worst man

The army, the Golden Company, where Cersei ceases at the end of season 7, to his brother also comes to Kings Landing. Dog without elephants, you disappoint the queen.

The neck is also regularly returned, until Bronn recruits Cersei. Recruits to kill their two brothers. A Cersei you & # 39; ve got something wrong with not bringing the elephants

The Euro Greyjoy gets his queen, but Theon asks Yara to believe that the Irish islands can be the place that the Army of Dawns can go if they have to leave the Winterfell because the dead cannot water .

We also see that Jon and Daenerys are together over the seven roosters, which is one of the theories on how to finish the series.

If so, it will be a royal couple who can ride a dragon when Jon Snow will be sitting on one of his dragon's and rides it with Daenery.

On the other hand, it's probably not just the romance between both of you at & # 39; are the way. Ghear and Arya may soon be the two remaining. We know that both have royal heritage.

Daenerys also talks to his former sins with Samwell Tarly, the Ser Jora's. In a previous episode, she fell both his brother and father, with a dragon. In the past that Jon gives, if Samwell tells him later.

However, it is not as surprising as when & # 39; Samwell says he is real.

We have also confirmed that Tormund Giantsbane, our own Christian Hivju, is still alive. They meet with more people that have fled.

Bran says he was waiting for an old friend, and the old friend is the man who made him out of the window?

The following questions are important after the episode:

1. Who will be king and who will be queen? White Daenerys his throne over to Jon?

2. What will happen to the Irish islands? Is it where & # 39; we have lived their last fight?

3. What do the symbols that & # 39; s White Walkers always mean? Is It God's Wood? Like the Tree Stark Family Visits?

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