Thursday , January 20 2022

FLY , NORWEGIAN – Wizz Air utfordrer Norwegian på Gardermoen


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It may well be a competitor for Norwegian fremover

The Hungarian lavish casket Wizz Air starred next to the treadmill of Gardermoen, the melody flysmart24.

He sells and sells most of Norway's competitors. The city's busy city goes to Budapest, Gdansk and Krakow, where you can enjoy competitions for Norwegian who fly all over this destination.

If you want to fly to Gdansk, it will be the first time, and will start April 4th at around 200 kroner per hour. Rut to Budapest starter April 5th, man would have to travel to September before rowing to Krakow starter.

It can also be a bigger part of Gardermoen, it's just a good place to go to the city satiate flying places. Wizz Air communications service, Andras Rado will not be able to get as much as possible as you can for today's events.

– You are interested in the brand name that can be used for cellphone vekst, or hand flymart24.

Videre uttaler Rado til flysmart24 at grunnlaget for selskapets satsing er alltid å jakt på nye og lønnsomme ruter, i tillegg til å sørge for bærekraftig vekst også på eksisterende ruter.

Wizz Air is located on the Gardermoen, but it is also used by many people to operate in the region of Norway – Flanders, to Sandefjord Torp, Kristiansand, Bergen, Stavanger, Haugesund, Ålesund, Trondheim and Tromsø.

Lik nettavisen her og få flere verske närke og friske meninger!

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