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Film Report «Sorry to Help You»: Viret and Vital


JOB SEARCH, INTEREST INTEREST: Lakeith Stanfield in "Sorry to help."
JOB SEARCH, INTEREST INTEREST: Lakeith Stanfield in "Sorry to help." Photo: Peter Prato / Annapurna Pictures / Arthouse


Works are useful in this inspired surrealistic black comedy.


Satire / comedy

«Sorry to Bother You»

United States. 12 years. Direction: Boots Riley.

With: Lakeith Stanfield, Tessa Thompson, Army Hammer, Danny Glover.


One of the original and most important films of the year, ruled by the so-called exciting renaissance man Biley Riley – and a clear discipline of cinema experience.

"Sorry to mouth" has satirical and surreal sound, it is angry and has two external carismatic actors in their midst: Stanfield en Thompson. It is also high and uncomfortable, with a third action that will even carry the most patience kinogens.

The high, nice Cassius Groene (read: Cash Green), Stanfield) takes a job in the telephone company RegalView. The work goes on practicing money from all economically vulnerable people. Cassius does not make any natural talent for the ugly job, and he works on instruments, in a dystopic cantine landscape.

He does not seem to have a special awareness with the fact that he is black, maybe his possibilities in his native tongue (the movie plays in a small futuristic Oakland). This was not to be the artist and activist Detroit ("my mother wanted me to have an American name," Thompson), as is.

But it is until an elderly colleague, Langston (Glover), Green asked to discover his "white voice". The vote "you would have used the police" and if we last heard in Spike Lee, "BlacKkKlansman".

The effect can not wait: If a magical battle opens the whole world for our hero. The money starts to run. White colleagues feel interested in him (and want to drop it). Langston is processed into the disease and is called a Superselger.

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It's an aggressive process. Cassius does not reflect on what he has around him. He realizes that his old college is striking. He does not realize that Detroit will no longer be with him, now he is a salesman. He brings, but does not think he works in his new job for a business, WorryFree, that's in practice practicing modern slavery.

"Sorry to turn you" has a brutal-inspired surrealistic moment. For example, if the phone representative of the office climbs into & # 39; the devices of people, he calls. Right in your life, like the storm, is he.

Mainly, Riley's film about attacks on the work, represented by the so-called "sharing economy"The director points to concrete things as work traffic and direct right, and, as an activist art, has" Sorry to Bother You "a Polish power that we rarely see in American films.

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There is also a story about class government and capitalism, and the United States as a society of closed space. If the doors need to be open to this one: Do you want what you are on the other side?

It is especially for Cassius that a secret in this secret world gets the surreal surrealistic basalt of film taking a lot of water over his head. There is a reversal that we can not say, but we can see that it is the world-wide W.A.S.P. Army Hammer as a kind Peter Thieltype – and a science fiction twist like debut Riley is not strict enough to master hundreds of people.

US critics have been charged in order to proclaim "Sorry to reach you for the year"Get Out"As Riley's movie – a kind of kinematographic version of a microphone from a backpacker – is not great, it is not really easy to learn, but many can easily find good.

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