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"Farmen" – critical to his industry Andrea: "Never rewrite the knife.


Escape: Andrea Badendyck acknowledges that she was early under the knife but still settled in the beauty media with her own industry.
Escape: Andrea Badendyck acknowledges that she was early under the knife but still settled in the beauty media with her own industry. Photo: Mattis Sandblad


Andrea Badendyck pays $ 36,000 in silicone on her chest at the age of 18 but still feels pressured by the beauty of bloggers. "I was influenced by other people.

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Sunday evening blogger Andrea Badendyck (23) Leave the farm.After losing two extreme matches against his big rival Irene Halle (35) in ecstasy. Afterwards I continued the war. Between two girls.

Over the years, the blog industry has featured coordination for cosmetic tasks and looks, and among the top bloggers, many people have grown lips, breasts and hips. And before "Farmen" started on TV, Badendyck opposed the beauty media in his industry.

– It has been open to the public for many years.

– I'm stupid. I am tired enough that women must feel perfect from top to bottom. Body thinking is so unnatural. Unless you operate it, you are in an "unattainable" state. One should have a narrow waist, a thin stomach, a big ass, a big ass, a big breasts, and a thin leg. It does not work completely. No, my ass should be intact and she told VG when I met her before the recording started.

But last week Instagram users Andrea recently widened her lip and saw what she called "lip fillers". This post has appeared in several posts.

VG acknowledges that the "Farmen" participant has fixed her lips. But she thinks there is a big difference between the "lip filler" and the more drastic changes in appearance.

– I did what I did and I kept it open for a long time. I have never said that I finished the filler on my lips, but that is the only thing I do. "If it's about something temporary, there's no problem fixing it, it's a healthy relationship," says Andrea. He emphasized that knee surgery is only used between 6 and 12 months.

I got silicone when I was 18 years old.

At the age of 18, 23, she first fixed her lips.

"One of the reasons was that I ran one of Norway's biggest blogs, and suddenly when" everyone "did it, I was dragged to this, but I have nothing else to do, I tried.

She believes that changing her appearance will still be bold.

"I am satisfied with my own appearance and I know that I am happy enough as I come from nature.Worse, when you think you are happy with such a treatment, you can become addicted quickly, suddenly fall into a vicious circle, I think it's much more innocuous and harmless than plastic surgery because it's not permanent. I stop if I do not want to, but I do not have an attack button when I fix my nose.

– In addition?

"I put silicone in my chest when I was 18 but I have not done anything permanent since then and I will not do that in the future.

Silicone insert $ 36,000

– Do you regret taking the silicone on your chest?

– No, I do not want to regret it. I do not think there is Badendyck's silicon that justifies the silicone choice of the breasts, which seems satisfying and natural to the results, and as well as life as a blogger and good advice.

"I paid 36,000 kroner, but it was so easy to make that decision because I got good advice, like I was 18. I was influenced by other bloggers, and if I was not a blogger, I honestly got silicon. But no, I never considered removing the post.

Oslojenta says she has not deceived her and does not seek her own reader.

"I've blogged about silicone for five years, and it was an important post that got me information about side effects and complications, and now I have not mentioned it on the blog for years because I do not want the little girls to do the same thing. , This is something I announce or no longer advertising, and I will not do that in the future.

– It's easy to fall into a trap.

Profile bloggers fully understand that their industry has a huge impact on young girls in particular. But she believes bloggers are also under tremendous pressure on their looks.

"When I was a child, I blogged a couple of times about the filler on my lips because I did not think of the impact or impact as a result of now, I did not mean anything bad about it, but today I see something wrong. I have been thinking a lot about it, especially since the press and the media began to focus on this topic. Andrea says that today's social beauty and physical pressure, which people still think of index fingerprints and give full accountability

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"Personally, I mean the blogger feels at least as many other journalists as everyone else, because we are judged daily by appearance, and still hearing that it is not enough. I understand that there is more "flu" on the knife because I work in an industry.

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"We are probably a victim of US media in today's society and I think the scapegoat is a great blend, not just anyone, but a vicious cycle in which we all are influenced and influence each other again." As a blogger, Later I found out that they were pusher free treats, so I would like to say that they also have a little responsibility. Most young girls do not want to refuse to be offered free tests of various products and services. It's easy to fall into a trap.

"But do you look a little critical to your own industry?

– Yes, I am critical of my own industry. I have a healthy and healthy relationship and it is delicious. I know it is enough anyway. VG's Andrea Badendyck says.

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