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EXTRA , price was – Now is the price of Christmas villages


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The Coop Neck Extra has so-called prices for almost 150 Christmas days per se to 60 crowns since Friday. Kiwi and Rema also reported many prizes.

"We will see that the prices are unlikely to go to Christmas Place, which is the question whether we have the full real circumstances that we have previously had, it is impossible to speak, says Harald Kristiansen, Communications Manager in Coop, the net salaries.

Additionally, the prizes have cut nearly 150 Christmas items, including Christmas decorations, Christmas card, Christmas tree, Christmas tree, turkey, gingerbread, edible cheese, lutefisk, gløgg og grøtris.

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Many of the cases are sold only by a few pounds since Friday evening in # 39; A week, while some goods were sold by more than 30 percent, such as cake and sauerkraut. Nuts in bulk are reduced by 25 percent to 179 kilograms, a price reduction of 61 NOK per kilogram.

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Kristiansen says that the price cuts lasted when the price of Christmas paper was hit for one-penny-roll.

"Since then, we have cut the prices slowly and generally see the prices fall," says the communications manager.


However, he believes it's not just for clients or the prices far too far. Earlier extras are marginal prices under $ 5 and sauerkraut for less than four dollars. The problem is that the products are taken from the shelves on account strikes, so the stores are empty.

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"Although people do not want the lowest possible price, we are not served with duplicate price classes because people start with hammer so others do not get what they have at Christmas winkelist, which is a balance, says Kristiansen.

He notes that it is also important for low chains to have low prices so customers choose their stores.

"The Christmas season is very important for us, and we are waiting for you to get ready for Christmas, which will be involved and fight," says Kristiansen.

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Kiwi: – We are still cheaper

Kiwi says they are cheaper or cheaper on all similar items in the list of Extra.

– Kiwi is and should be cheaper. We are responsible for the price holiday and give the prizes each day. We think competitors will pay our price, but it is always paid for Kiwi, "says Kristine Aagvaag Arvin, Kiwi, for Nettavisen.

She estimates that every day is hardest competition.

Rema 1000 writes that she also follows price in the life market.

"In Rema 1000, we work the lowest price on many thousands of product lines in the year, and Christmas products are no exception. We see this week that the market price of some Christmas products is valid and can confirm that it also applies to these products Here we will have the prices or more to our customers, "says communications manager Frederik Jahr in Rema 1000 for Nettavisen.

The newspaper is also in contact with Kiwi, confirming that she also cuts out the prices of crystals much lately.

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