Wednesday , May 12 2021

Competition: pushing behind, it's still a cool game

Since 2003, has organized an annual Christmas calendar, and the coming year will not be an exception to this year. Now is the long tradition and we have a great cool prizes that you can win this year. All new great games, old classics and playlists are waiting for 24-hectares. We want to have it for everyone.

Funcom's latest game

On December 10, you can win a digital version of the deluxe edition of Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden – Funcom's latest match version.

Photo: Funcom

Mutant's Nero: Road to Eden is a tactical strategic game from the same casting form as XCOM, mixed with something sizzling. The story finds place after an atomic war has eradicated the earth. Man is dead, and interacts with mutants that have emerged from bodies of both animals and humans.

The game was released just now, and has already received a great deal of criticism for many of the gameposts. Our overview of the way is just around the corner, and we can find that it is at the positive end of & # 39; the scale.

To participate in the characters, you must have two questions. Note to enter your address so we know where the price will be sent. The deadline for participation is midnight on the day the door is opened and the winners are posted in their own article and published Monday.

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