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Commuters despair: – – Almost forced to choose

Therese Åkervall lives in Trondheim, but works in a Swedish company. She spends every week at work in Sweden, and at home with her daughter in Trondheim.

– I have changed the whole pandemic, because I have children in Trondheim half the time, she says to Dagbladet.

– It went well because I had all the documentation that I could cross the border. My job is considered socially critical, she says.

Åkervall works in a company that supplies textiles to the health care, among other things. She was allowed to work from home half the time, but the rest of the time she had to be physically present at work.

Prayer to the residents: - Pick up the phone

Prayer to the residents: – Pick up the phone

But now the rules for commissions have changed. Wer.

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– It almost feels like I have to choose between work and children, says a desperate Åkervall to Dagbladet.

Many tests

It is no longer enough to check at the border, you must bring a certificate that you are checked and corona free that is also less than 24 hours old.

Åkervall draws the following example:

– When I go to the private clinic that issues these certificates now, take the test, wait half an hour to get an answer to the quick test, get the certificate on paper in hand, then I can get in the car step and to the border, she says.

THE PARADOX IN THE PANDEMY: Assistant Director of Health Espen Rostrup Nakstad explains the importance of measures in relation to various countries in the world. Reporter: Jeanette N. Vik / Dagbladet TV / Photo: Luiz Gomes / Fotoarena / Sipa USA
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There I will be tested again, without leaving the car from the previous test, so I have to wait half an hour for a reaction to the new test, before I can drive home to Trondheim, to be quarantined in three days to go. After these three days, I will be tested again, if I do not have a corona yet, I will be exempt from quarantine in school and working hours, she says.

But it does not matter that she is exempt from quarantine during working hours, because she is in any case in her home office in Trondheim, and is therefore practically quarantined. In addition, she should be quarantined in her spare time.

– I work from my bedroom, she says.

In addition to these tests, commuters are subject to a test regimen which means they have to be checked every seven days.

Red level: - Hope it helps

Red level: – Hope it helps

– So I did four corona tests in seven days without leaving my house, she says.

– Can not be mother

– I can no longer be a mother to my daughter, and with her participate in trainings, parent meetings, football matches and so on, says Åkervall.

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She is frustrated by an increasingly difficult set of rules to comply with.

– I have received very good help from the border police, but now they can do nothing but refer me to Lovdata and the corona regulations, says Åkervall.

– I have probably read that scheme a thousand times, she says.

She is clear about what she thinks about the scheme.

– It’s hell. Even the police do not know what else applies, she says.

– Decisive and important measures

Big jump at Easter: - Some people are breaking the rules

Big jump at Easter: – Some people are breaking the rules

State Attorney Hilde Barstad in the Ministry of Justice says she understands that it is difficult to comply with the rules.

– We understand that the regulations can be challenging to implement. We can always provide better information, and we work on that all the time, says Barstad to Dagbladet.

However, it is clear that the measures are important.

– There is now an enormous action burden on everyone, but these are crucial and important measures that the government is taking to reduce the risk of infection.

She says the rationale for the new, strict rules for infection control is that the infection situation is unpredictable, and that it is important to prevent imported infection.

HAPPY NEWS: The R-number in Norway is down to 1.0 and in Oslo to 0.7. Assistant Director of Health Espen Rostrup Nakstad is relieved that the strict infection control measures are starting to have an effect. Host: Jeanette N. Vik / Dagbladet TV
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She also asks to understand that the rules require police officers to trust themselves as well.

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– The police work continuously to guide the crews at the border about the rules in force at any given time, and are constantly looking for opportunities to improve, strengthen or change practices, says Barstad.

– Wurch no

Åkervall says she feels trapped between two chairs.

– I understand that infection of import is a big problem and think that it is very unfortunate that more people break the laws and regulations that have been determined, it affects us who actually need everything followed with documentation, tests, quarantined, and so forth, she says.

I even go to the cabin: - Inside

I even go to the cabin: – Inside

Now she believes that the Norwegian rules force her to choose between being with her daughter, or by going into the job.

– Norway has done a formidable job and the rules were strict to maintain the infection, but now the energy is soon gone. I’m tired now, and I do not feel I can be the mother I am anymore. My daughter has two beautiful houses and parents who work very well together, and I will now be grateful for that, says Åkervall.

She also says that she has been provoked in Norway because she speaks Swedish. This despite the fact that she has lived in Norway for 26 years.

112 cases at the borders

The directors pay winners again

The directors pay winners again

In the last two weeks, 112 corona cases have been registered in connection with tests at national borders, writes the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) in its weekly report for week 12. This includes tests at the Swedish border and at airports.

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For 65 of these cases, NIPH has information on the country from which the infected people came. For 47 of the cases, information on the country of infection is missing.

The most common country of infection was Poland, writes FHI. 19 people who came from Poland were diagnosed with corona after being tested at the border. This corresponds to 29 percent of the cases. The second most common was Pakistan, where 9 travelers were diagnosed with the infection. This corresponds to 14 percent of the cases.

It does not appear from the weekly report how many people were diagnosed with infection after arriving from Sweden.

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