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Champions League – Angrepet tale – Redirected by Fellaini

  • Manchester United – Young Boys 1-0

José Mourinho and Manchester United are favors since Young Boys are on Old Trafford in Champions League Tuesday. United can see what's happening in the group. Laget sleit lenge – det er ut å gå galt – men på overtid dukket Marouane Fellaini og sørget for 1-0.

I had to store shorter stores. Etter hvert du wardens fram som nogen van camp store store profiler. Fellaini scoret has been minutely surprised to have a balloon inlet for 16-meter break from Romelu Lukaku and vendte opp. TV-visual displays and handheld devices are included in the handheld and multi-purpose modules.

Mourinho «feiret» med å kaste vannflasker på sidelinja.

MATCHINERS: Marouane Fellaini (t.h.) jubler for overtidsmålet. Photo: NTB scanpix
MATCHINERS: Marouane Fellaini (t.h.) jubler for overtidsmålet. Photo: NTB scanpix
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– You play a very vicious group. At the end of the day, he was tired of taking a break. Prestasjonen besto av mye bra, men også mye som var dårlig, sa Mourinho etter kampen.

And I should like to criticize the recent United profiles Paul Scholes and Rio Ferdinand, who are experts in the British BT Sport.

– United was lying flat on it. You're old enough to get it, so Scholes and I'll send you a message.

– The sale of the motto Juventus (2-1). The spell is not so good, but it's a good result. Så klarte de ikke å score hjemme mot Wolverhampton och Crystal Palace. They even got the store problem with the score.

There is something that can be stabbed, he is united by the United Underwriter. Mourinho starts with Paul Pogba and Romelu Lukaku on benches.

That's the brand new unfolding Marcus Rashford. Han kunne united United States ever before fem minute. Men alene med keeper lobbet han over.

Small minerals have begun to get in touch for 16 meters. Heller did not have that gang to overhear the Young Boys keeper David von Ballmoos.

Marouane Fellaini won United ledels in another way, but I did not like it. Mange tilskuere begjinna å gå fra Old Trafford ert hems som kanter til till end 0-0. But there is nothing wrong with them.

Ett minutt på overtid fikk Fellaini ballen innen for 16-meteren etter en stuss fra Lukaku. Han vendte opp og avgjorde for hjemmelaget.

– It's the most vivid thing you've ever seen, or Mourinho.

– And to those who liked it and I am happy with statistics: I'll be in Champions League 14 times. 14 guys har mine lag gått videre fra groupespillet. Sessions will be held in Champions League, European Union.

The other teams gruppa ended with 1-0 to Juventus over Valencia.

Tuesdays result in Champions League:

Group E:

AEK (Hellas) – Ajax (Netherlands) 0-2 (0-0), Bayern Munich (Germany) – Benfica (Portugal) 5-1 (3-0)

Group F:

Hoffenheim (Germany) – Sjakhtar Donetsk (Ukraine) 2-3 (2-2), Lyon (Frankrijk) – Manchester City (England) 2-2 (0-0).

Group G:

CSKA Moskva (Russia) – Viktoria Plzen (Czech Republic) 1-2 (1-0), Roma (Italy) – Real Madrid (Spain) 0-2 (0-0)

Group H:

Juventus (Italy) – Valencia (Spain) 1-0 (0-0), Manchester U. (England) – Young Boys (Sveits) 1-0 (0-0).

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