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Biatlon , SPORT – Thingnes Bø in question mark for the start of the season


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Johannes Thingnes Bø has so many periods without training from the autumn that he is without the form before the vision season takes place.

This weekend is the national season opening on Sjusjøen, while the World Cup starts yesterday in two weeks in Slovenian poker.

Thingnes Bø believes he is not nervous before he goes home, but it is obvious that he is set up and does not have the ordinary self-worth.

"I'm really a questionnaire I do not know how to wait for the weekend, says Thingnes Bø to NTB.

"I'm very inhuman, but not nervous I ask for starting and seeing how the shape and separation are, and the next week use to adapt to what is good or bad. It is very important that we get the race here, so we will change what we feel is wrong, it will remain.

Stomme time

In the summer he married, and then there were a few beautiful pasture for you. Thingnes Bø was trained in the last summer, but when he started the game against the new season, the problems started.

"I had Rhino virus and back problems that elicited each other in the first place I woke up for two weeks and hit a week for exercise, and then I took it a bit quietly at a meeting where # we work hard and go testing, but then call back at the beginning of the collection, tells the Olympic champion of Pyeongchang and follows:

"It was a long period without training and it was unfortunate, I lost the test beds in Oberhof and everywhere, but I think the shape curve now goes down and down.

Fourcade yacht

It was found that he had enough time to prepare for the World Cup. There is the first individual race, the normal dance, Wednesday, December 5th.

For Thingnes Bø it is more important than ever to start a start. The goal is to fight Martin Fourcade and combine the World Cup.

"Yes, with you, it's not possible to learn, if you have it, they should come this weekend, and you must take the consequences of any errors before they start in Pokljuka.

Not worried

Landscape coach Egil Kristiansen thinks that Thingnes Bø has been "very rough" and says it's not a good time for the 25-year-old in short.

But he knows better than most how quickly it can.

– John can have a short time in short time. With good training, he gets very fast at a high level. So never say, "he said with a look at 'World Cup.

And when we talk about the World Cup, the first in March comes in Swedish Östersund, Kristiansen is even more positive.

"It's a benefit for Johannes that the World Championship comes normally or normally.

Saturday the referee sits on Sjusjøen, while the joint start is on Sunday.

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