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Bergensavisen – November free vaccine


More than 18,000 HPV vaccines were vaccinated and 6,000 people were vaccinated nationwide.

This is because the state has reached an agreement with a new vaccine producer this fall. In agreement with former manufacturers, doses were only allowed in childhood immunization programs, young people in the autumn were given new vaccines, and the remainder were at risk of expiration.

HPV can easily infect sexual contact and lead to cancer (see fact box below).

The vaccine is now part of a child immunization program for boys and girls. All women born after 1991 can also receive a free vaccine if they take their first drug by the end of December this year.

Additional vulnerable groups

This summer, the state, Norwegian public health institute and drug producers agreed that surplus doses could be used for other vulnerable groups.

In October, the Bergen Municipality established a prostitute for sex addicts, a sex trafficker with men born after 1991.

"We came to Strax House and the MO Center to provide women in vulnerable environments They are bad advice and more susceptible." Agnes Giertsen, a health nurse at Engen Health Center and a lecturer at Høgskolen på vestlandet (HVL) .

Vaccines are provided at the Smittevern office at the time of each reservation. In addition, Engen's Health Center for Youth and Students has a drop offer from 10 to 14 pm on Thursday for men who have sex with men.

– Because the vaccination is over in the summer, you need 3 doses by the end of November. Since there are still a lot of unused vaccines, it is urgent to eliminate them. "Says Giertsen.

– Know that we save lives.

On the prairie they ordered 300 doses.

– First come, first served basis. Giertsen stressed that these vulnerable groups received only free vaccines until stocks were emptied.

This fall, HVL's nursing student group conducted an osm project to disseminate a message about the vaccine of the relevant group.

"I have found that there are more young people in the last few weeks wanting a vaccine," says the nurse, "because everyone saw the information on campus, so they did a great and important job.

"If you get the vaccine, please give me more messages, this is how we reach the group that we are most likely to reach, so it's very important to put someone here.

Even if you did not take your first dose on time, you can take it twice free.

– All capacity is important. One dose is protected, two are well protected and protected by wood. "Giertsen concluded:

"This benefit is socially and economically as well as personal, and we know we save lives.

Facts about HPV

There are many types of human papilloma virus (HPV). This virus easily infects sexual contact.

HPV can lead to cancer. The most common is cervical cancer, but HPV also causes cancer in women's rectal cancer, skin cancer and external genital rectum, oral and throat cancer, and men's penis.

HPV causes more than 100 cancers in men every year. The rate at which cancer develops in men's mouth and neck is increasing.

In Norway, HPV infection is caused each year by:

About 10,000 women are diagnosed with mild cellular changes.

Approximately 3,000 women will have severe cellular changes that require removal of part of the neck.

About 300 women are suffering from cervical cancer.

About 300 other cancers occur in both men and women

About 70 women die from cervical cancer.

One in 10 Norwegian women and men will receive genital warts before age 45.

Source: Health Center / Cancer Association

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