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Bensinprisen on sit lighest pages mai – Energi


Pensing diesel pretense I fall slopper from november. During the day, the winding prices of Circle K at 16.27 liters per liter, as it has been since the midnight of May.

– Our home-cooked brochure and diesel have been consuming fifty times a day. Mest from altin to gasoline, he dropped all 65 hrs on the winding price. There's a big deal on cost-savings on the bonnet, but it's just fine oil but also adds to it. There is a lot of browsers at cost-paying bucks at the American counterpart, and then skipped communist jobs Knut Hansen and Circle K and email to E24.

Til sammenligning var die veilingende prisen 18 øre høyere så sent som fredag, og siden toppen op 9. oktober har prisen på brennin falt med 87 øre noe som er over 5 prosent,

At the same time, fourteen liters of oil on the peninsula cost 15.50 and diesel cost 14.58 kroner.

Uklart hva som skjer fremover

Også dieselprisene have f'lle mye i det siste. The winding prices are now at 16,06 kroner, and fall on 14th of February, from the overview of Circle K.

In 2018, it has been working for Norge for the worst handheld in the drugstore. Gang on gang her Circle K reports on record price. iTromsø kunne in august report at 18 liters liters for wholesale varieties of cheap pris.

Hansen tore brighter than to go to the end during the prisand city.

– As a prime city, fremover is vulnerable to being able to avail itself of the international oil spillers or distributed foods such as petrol and diesel. Now, we have a lot of windmills, which are supplemented with distillate products like diesel and fungus.

– Tilbud og Åder spørsel is een fraktere factorierer som onvirker innkjøpsprisene våre. We require international labeling for the fuel, and we are responsible for the daily surgery on the homeowner's or cost-free gift for you.

Nye shippingkrav can be dieselprisen

In order to get over it, it was also going to sell the prissys on the diesel, making it the Per Magnus Nysveen and Rystad Energy.

– For the first half of 2020 we can buy our own diesel priser, ask for the mot and crown me per liter, but there is no one else yet there for half a year, so to E24.

He does not bake the shipping wreath which was due January 1, 2020. The unprecedented crew at drivetrains as shipped burner scarf used 0,5 percent. Grensen i dag er på 3,5 prosent. There is also a stellar for diesel.

Strong oljeprisfall

In October, olive oil prices dropped to 85 dollars, and the level had fallen on the pages 2014. In November, Black Friday rabatt also started to get rid of the black Friday rabatt, as the price dropped below 60 dollar fat For the first time in October, four times.

Someone else bailes their backfree, more slowly, does not mean that they are not cheap oil bubbles. And even though bensinprisen had fallen over 5 percent, he had to pay for Brentolje from Nordsjøen next 30 percent ready to start by October.

– There is no direct samenheng mellom råoljepris in dollar and shielding pris or pump pris in kroner – it has a lot to keep playing, bidding prizes on roles, tilbued and marked, superficial and doll courses. The refractory products, such as diesel oil and diesel, are internationally marked, so that only oil and grease are needed, they can not be shriveled in innocent prices, and Hansen.

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