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Andrea Badendyck towards Farmen Island: – She's not the one I want in my life.


ILTER Voters: Irene Halle and Andrea Badendyck
ILTER Voters: Irene Halle and Andrea Badendyck did not match the "Farmen" farm. Now the war continues. Photo: Alex Iversen, TV 2


Andrea Badendyck lost Sunday's battlefield and got out of Farmen. Now she is stretched to her "overkvinne". "She was thrilling and thrilled," she said.

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After the men have Smoke continuouslyWas it Sunday? The second girls match in the rap In the fall of "Farmen". In the end, Irene Halle (age 35) was the longest straw in the ecstasy competition, and thanks to him, competent blogger Andrea Badendyck (23) was out of the real program.

I had been there for a long time and I was farther than I thought I had to do before the recording began.I did a lot of work and started to miss my family and family at home.Andrea Andrea) saying to VG was not the end of the world.

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– education

It is not a secret that the 23-year-old blogger is not so familiar with his relationship with Irene Hale on Sunday. For Andrea, the wallpaper was worse.

"She was the last person I wanted to lose and was a bit dizzy. At the same time, Irene was afraid that she would fight." Andrea does not hide that she does not have a little room for her opponent on Sunday.

"Irene was simply scary and frightening to me.She also responded negatively to not eating meat.It was not good for her.We made a" beep "in many ways.We were a little surprised to walk around and talk Andrea thinks.

Irene Harley: "I was very angry at Andrea.

According to the "Farmen" participants, they tried to mess up the farm while talking for 30 minutes. It worked badly.

"The problem is that Irene can not see how she treats me," says the blogger, "we just feel uncomfortable," she says, "we do not have to clean the air with an outside competitor.

"I do not care, anyway, I'm not the one I want in my life, I bring people I think are good people in 2018.

Irene Halle does not acknowledge Andrea's play.

"I was very angry at Andrea, but it was because she thought she was lazy, it was not her fault when we lived two lives, and I did not think it was okay to use other people's feelings in the game. Everyone in the scene knew that they had tried to turn Nikolai and Kjetil around her little finger and told VG.

To survive, you have to eat.

I think I've tried to keep up with my competitors.

I invited her to our room when she was alone. Because I know she is dark. I do not think it's okay for someone to be afraid.

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Paal Nygård of "Farmen": – I heard it was a fuzzy five clover.

– Do you think Andrea is critical of you not eating meat?

"Vegetarians are beneficial and fashionable. In the big picture, she believes that by eating mainly meat, we are the environment we store.


"It's okay to be a vegetarian in 2018. Then you have a choice. Many of my girlfriends are there and for that reason do not hate vegetarians, but if you join Farmen, there is no choice. Then you have to eat to survive.

– Sympathy

She thinks that Andrea thought about the debate that occurred as a personal attack.

– I have a friend who can discuss it for a reason. I must be able to express my views and values ​​at the very end of her without making any mistakes with anyone.

The 35-year-old from Stjørdal claims she does not care about Andrea.

"I also said that we would work well in another world where we do not work and live together. It's too bad that we can not see the same thing.

"I think I will comment as she does at a young age, I tell you that you know others, I wish Andrea will have a lot of happiness in her life without me, and I will survive," Irene Halle Said to VG.

When we set aside the order war: In the aftermath, after "Farmen" passed, Andrea Badendyck finally received a warm reunion with his noble soul.

– It was great! Inside the yard I told VG that I thought a lot about how they went with them and saw them and that the voice of the people I love was absolutely beautiful.

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