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Akershus County Times – Free Vaccine Free Notice Deadline for Youth Girls:


Human papillomavirus vaccine (HPV vaccine) is recommended for young women born after 1991 because it prevents cervical cancer and other HPV-related cancers.

"Young women have a unique opportunity to protect themselves against cervical cancer and other cancers caused by HPV. I now agree that the temporary vaccination program is now approaching the deadline to begin free HPV vaccination It's important, "said Gro Abrahamsen, director of health and school health services at Frogn. She expected many vaccine doses and impressions in November and December.

HPV vaccination consists of three vaccinations. By the end of December 2018, immunizations can be completed by the end of June 2019 without paying. There are six months between the first and last dose and the first dose is at the end of December.

Prones and Nesoden

Vroginering at Frogn will take place at the Medical Center for Young People opened on Monday, 15-18. At Nesodden, you must order your time at the Nesoddtangen Health Center and you will be vaccinated at the Berger Health Center on Monday 14-16.

"Seeker" is a girl who has not received the 7th grade HPV vaccine through the school immunization program that provided the vaccine in the 2009/2010 school year. The first girl to receive this proposal was the girls born in 1996. Today is 21-22 years old. The last free opportunities are mainly women between the ages of 22 and 27, born between 1991 and 1996. Frovern's two-thirds of the age group did not take advantage of this offer, explains Gro Abrahamsen.

"What we are looking for is expiring when you get a free HPV vaccine," Healthy Sister explains.

While waiting for them next year, the three doses exceed the total of 3,000 kronor.

Infected with sexual contact

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a very common disease, with 70% of sexually active people infected with HPV throughout their lifetime, most of them at a young age. In the Norwegian survey, about 45% of women in the 21st century continue to have HPV infection. Most HPV infections are transmitted without symptoms, but about 10% will be infected for a long period of time. Continuous infection of some types of HPV can lead to cervical cancer and other HPV-related cancers.

In Norway, about 350 women suffer from cervical cancer each year due to the HPV virus, and 60 to 100 people die. To avoid further development of cancer, more than 3,000 women are receiving treatment for severe cervical cancer precursors.

From the fall, the school's HPV vaccine has been a proposal for seventh grade boys. Like girls, almost 90% of boys said they were in favor of the vaccine.

"An important additional piece of information is that in Frogn we offer free HPV vaccine this year to adolescents who have sex with men.This applies to people born after 1991 but here we are more flexible about age "Abrahamsen, who was asked some questions from the boys, said.

Side Effect

Like all other vaccines, HPV vaccines can also cause side effects. The most commonly reported side effects are headache as well as swelling and tenderness of the arm with vaccination. There are also reports of fever, vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain, syncope, and difficulty breathing.

"The reported side effects are as expected and the benefits of vaccination are considered to be far greater than the possible shortcomings. There is no reason to change the current recommendations for using HPV vaccines," the Norwegian Medicines Agency . Learn more about side effects after HPV vaccination at

National Vacancy Register According to SYSVAK statistics, 105,000 women have provided free HPV vaccine starting November 1, 2016. Approximately 18,000 girls are vaccinated through the school program.

Some facts about HPV vaccine

HPV vaccines provide direct protection against the two most common types of carcinogenic HPV, as well as providing excellent protection against the other three carcinogenic HPV types.

  • The HPV vaccine offered to young women is called Cervarix.
  • If you do not have one or more sex partners, we recommend vaccination.
  • The vaccine is placed on the upper arm with a syringe.
  • The drug authorities approved the vaccine based on a thorough evaluation of the effects and side effects.
  • This vaccine provides protection against HPV types that account for about 90% of cervical cancer in Norway.
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