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Aftenpost mener: Kongen can bli sitting on the first coat



I groom treatment Stops the rules for what one can enjoy in the Nobel Committee.

Battles round Carl I. Hagen and fjor have made it a great deal of endeavor. Heretter can not sit as deputy ministers and deputy ministers, ambassadors, and others with leading students in embroidery, or organizing the international organizations of the staff to mediate, to visit. Med andre ord ville ikke Europarådets generalsekretær, Thorbjørn Jagland, blev valgt inn i dag.

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It's tricky. Jagland has a double role that can be problematic for both committees and Europeans. The case for exemplifying will be a huge variation of rainforest and frustration when it comes to skipping problems for rabies.

Rule-shaped skal blonde does not have the distance to the Norwegian myndigheter. SV har nå også foreslått å fjerne kongen fra første rad under tildelingsseremonien. This may be an indication when it comes to pricing from the official Norge.

In this city, the nursing home is nicely decorated, it is very tiled. All the time, the monks do not really realize their nerves, they will be forced into a symbolic language in the Norge where we are a representative of Norwegian interlocutors. And he paradoxed you when he was sharply at all, screaming Nobles fredspris from the Norwegians. There he creates a balanced balancing at the velvety no blir as som instrument for the Norwegian myndigheter.

It also increases naturally when it is time consumed to give people the opportunity to signal their prices and their status. He pretended to be the most vulnerable to the prime minister. So I can not go ginger.

For example, he has a long way to reach the political milieu, it is a problem to consider becoming more senior top politicians and committees. Troubleshooting debate to ensure that these practices continue to work.

For Carl B. Hagen not nominated by the Fremskrittspartiet i fjor, before he blew blocked and partly fortunate enough to find Asle Toje i settle.

Høyre fikk valgt inn Kristin Clemet som varamedlem, og Anne Enger blev med medlem fra nominering fra Senterpartiet. Både Hagen, Clemet og enger er tett knyttet til norsk partikolitikk.

It is true that all parties have the right to vote for the parties to take action in the case of the committee: No matter how bad the SV has been for years, it has been the case with a government regime or a warrant.

Så lenge noen stortingspartier fortsetter at løfte personer med profilerte politiske karierer inn i Nobelkommiteen, vil det hjelppe lite å flutte kongen bakerst i lokalet.

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