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– Hi! I came here today because I want to give this today. I hope you will change your mind when you read it.

Mona Anita Espedal publishes a report about 30 pages from SV to city politician Heidi Bjerga.

On Monday night, politicians from Sandenes gathered for a council meeting. NRK Focal Documentary First work since "A Sister 's Match".

She is at City Hall with her newly acquired pride after thousands of people contacted the Proclamation of Support last week.

– I took off. Many people are touching to see that our cause is important, Mona says with a smile.

But this situation is new. She delivers a report with very personal information.

"It's not easy to spread to the worst of my life.

Mona Anita Espedal meets local politicians.

Frps group leaders Tore Andreas Haaland and Mona Anita Espedal.

Photo: Syed Ali Shahbaz Akhtar / NRK

Mona was one of Sandnes' 17 elderly brothers who grew up as a baby. In the documentary she is fighting for her sister to resign.

But his claim to the municipality was not over.

The Mona case was discussed at the NRK last year. She did not receive the original regeneration when her original brother received 130,000. The Sandnes municipality acknowledged that the siblings must have been moved home early, but Mona did not, but the brothers confirmed that maturation continued as a result of the nurture.

The expert thus found that she had 0% medical impairment.

The new report now concludes that this is wrong. Mona had a long-running husband.

Response to confidentiality

According to last year's press, Sandnes politicians decided to give Mona a moral reward of 725,000 krona. She received money from the fact that she raised the case against the local government. A reconciliation is concluded.

Mona wants to go to trial against the old stammer. In this regard, she went to trauma specialist at the crisis psychology center in Bergen for a new professional evaluation.

The new specialist replaces 1.5 million NOK in accordance with standardized rules, considering that Mona suffered a serious permanent injury after childhood.

Mona Anita's Pedal

Mona Anita Espedal.

Photo: Thomas Ystrøm / NRK

Mona's lawyer then filed a new claim against the Sandnes municipality. He thought the municipality had to pay the documented damage.

NRK, Mona or her attorney did not attend when the chairman handled the case on October 29th.

Mona was the second in the hallway when she cured her case.

Mona also did not look at recommendations that were recommended to politicians before the meeting.

The rationale for the use of municipalities is that of information that may exceed the financial position of municipalities in accordance with Article 13 of the Public Administrative Law, Article 23 of Confidential Information and Public Administrative Law. This is often used in connection with the ongoing bidding process.

Jan Fridthjof Bernt, an administrative law professor at the University of Bergen, answers the following about secrets:

– It is incorrect to terminate a meeting using section 23 of the disclosure act. I can not see any reason to apply in such cases, he said.

It is a good idea for the professor to close the meeting because the municipality may have information about other people who are keeping it confidential,

– The settings required for the party.

After the meeting, Mona's lawyer and NRK gained access to the statement. It did not open again. A reconciliation is concluded. The new report is not a nuisance.

Mona would like to thank you for resenting the conclusion of the new report. Mona's lawyer responds to the procedure.

– Mona did not get any feedback on this scene. As a result, she could not explain her views on the issue before the political debate, and politicians could not make informed decisions, lawyer Svein Kjetil Lode Svendsen said.

He has now filed a lawsuit with local governments on behalf of Mona.

Rapporteur rejects criticism.

Stanley Entertainment

Stanley Entertainment Market (AP) refused to criticize the municipality.

Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

"If we were to change the agreed consensus and be willing to pay more for money, there was a call from a new lawyer from Mona.

Stanley Wirak (AP) Mayor NRK welcomes the City Hall. He explains that from a Sandnes municipal point of view, Mona and her attorney initially agreed with the choice of the experts, and the municipalities approved the first report.

"The presidency was in line with what we agreed on," he said.

"What's new in this case is that there is a new expert report.
– Both parties agreed with the experts. It is a specialist being used in the Jæren District Court. Then there will be a new lawyer who will stop the experts from evaluating and start new professionals.

– But did you read the new report?
– If we review it, it is related to a statement that the new lawyer's request. We had a deal with Mona and her lawyer. There was no basis for compensation, but we will still offer 725,000 krona. The presidency agreed that this was the right treatment.

– You mean you did not read the new report?
"I do not remember reading it, but we are concerned with the experts we agree with.

Laporte makes it clear that he can not answer before and after the presidency meeting despite reading a new report.

Sandestown Hall

Town Hall of Sandnes.

Photo: Thomas Ystrøm / NRK

– Can you make informed decisions without reading the report?
The presidency made responsible decisions about our knowledge. There was an expert report agreed by the parties.

Several politicians from the presidency have confirmed that Mona has not read the new expert report.

– Why did not Mona see the setting of the administration in advance?
– The district chair's recommendation was that the case should be outside the public domain.

Wirak refuses to criticize the process.

"Sandnes can stand safe for the treatment of this incident," said Laporte.

He added:

"When I heard this story, I regretted Mona, and I suggested to other politicians that Mona could give her the same kind of things she had received from her childhood in the old rehabilitation plan.

I am sincere in my childhood. I know that money can not fix everything, but she does not want her to end up suing something she can not do in the end. I thought we agreed.

"No one of us thinks this is a simple matter, but in normal cases we need to take care of it." If a lawyer is a lawyer, he's qualified to be a lawyer, not to say that we are cold or unharmed. But we can not control our emotions.

At the Presidential meeting where Mona's allegations were rejected, a new case of compensation for the lost childhood was also taken. After expert evaluation, we received 1.2 million NOK.

It was one of the brothers and sisters of Mona's extended family. The local municipality of Sandnes provided rehabilitation for three people in the same family. 1.3 million kroner. 1.2 million. And Mona for 725,000 krone.

Mona Anita Espedal meets local politicians.

Mona Anita Espedal met with politicians from the Sandnes City Council. Group Leaders Thor Magne Seland and Tove Frantzen (close, left).

Photo: Syed Ali Shahbaz Akhtar / NRK

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The president's decision was unanimous, but Mona did not give up. So she handles the expert report outside of town hall this Monday night.

"I want politicians to see what they have not said, and why I made a new claim.

The report concludes that Mona is suffering from a complex post-traumatic stress disorder due to her childhood.

– I would like to submit a copy. Please read this report and review it again.

Mona reports to Frps group leader Tore Andreas Haaland. Eventually many politicians gather.

– You should be so proud of what you do.

Frps Wenche Meinich-Bache offers a long hug with Mona. Thor Magne Seland, MDG Erlend Kristensen and Tove Frantzen, Høyres's group leaders, will also have a long talk with Mona. Mona shed tears.

– This is very personal. Therefore, giving it gives hurt. It is not easy to broaden my whole life.

Some of the politicians admired Mona's struggle for herself and her brothers and sisters.

"You look crazy," Frantzen says.

"There is tremendous respect for the great things that lift up," Selland said.

"The most important thing for me is fairness. Right now I feel it is very unfair.

During the conversation, some politicians promise to confirm the possibility of releasing the case back to Mona. Meinich-Bache and Seland want to put pressure on the government party to fully review all rehabilitation programs for all child welfare children at the national level.

Mona is pleased to hear from politicians. And I am pleased that several of my brothers have resigned. But she still wants equal treatment.

"I do not want anyone to suffer the same thing as me, I want justice for all, the rest of the brothers, I hope they will not tolerate the decision, others have been rewarded based on their injuries, I did not. I need you to know.

See the focus documentary documentary "Sister's Fight".

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