Monday , January 17 2022

A simple survey can save your toes, feet and life for diabetics.


In Sweden, three out of four diabetics tested their feet every year in Norway, one in four. Why is this the difference?

About 250,000 people have diabetes in Norway. They have a lot to do to prevent heart attacks, strokes, snow and kidney damage. To prevent this injury, many people take eight medicines every day.

Should we harass this by further investigation? That's right. One in four people with diabetes have suffered leg nerve injuries.

They reduced the feeling on their feet. They feel badly in places where they become unstable when they step on their feet. This increases the risk of falls, rest, and other injuries. And it increases the risk of diabetic foot ulcers that take a long time to grow.

Diabetic foot ulcers are an indicator of more complex disease pictures

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