Sunday , June 13 2021

18 evacuated to fire – Dagbladet

The night of Sunday at 03.27, the police in Sogndal reports a fire in a housing block in the center of Sogndal. 18 people were evacuated and one person died.

When the police arrived, 18 people were evacuated and sent to a care center near.

– No people are being transported to the care center being informed of injury. Most people are expected to return to their homes on the day, writes Western police bureau in a press release on Sunday morning.

They were killed

At 8:30 am, the police informs a press release that one person has died in connection with the fire.

The dead person has not been identified, but the police are declining that there is a man in his 70s who has a place in a question.

The police say the closest families are told.

The night on Sunday reports the police on twitter that they have control of the fire and are in the process of closing in walls and ventilation.

The extent of the damage to some of & # 39; The apartments are still uncertain what the water and smoke are damaging to.

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