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What are you? The former royal chef lifts the lid on the queen's bizarre eating habits.


The queen is worshiped by millions around the world, but behind her closed door is little known about her shortcomings and habits.

Until then, royal chef Darren McGrady gave some interesting insights into the queen's fun eating habits and favorite foods.

In a recent interview, I was a chef. Royally meal The queen's bizarre ways she eats fruits and how her dog only gets the best food in the kitchen.

Fruit habit

According to McGrady, one of the queer's most odd habits is how to eat bananas.

The former royal chef said, "The Buckingham Palace does not have anyone to eat like monkeys," he said, cutting the top and bottom of the banana, cutting the skin in the longitudinal direction and cutting it into small pieces before eating it with a fork. .

Your Majesty will eat your boat like a boiled egg, cut the top and peel it with a spoon.

According to McGrady, the queen avoids potatoes, pasta and hard food unless it is special.

Instead, her go-go meal is fish or chicken cooked with two kinds of vegetables.


In another interview Daily Mail, He said her majesty avoids garlic and eats meat in a certain way.

"We could not eat anything with garlic or onions, nor could we offer rare meat.

"We could not give the queen any garlic, but Prince Philip liked it.We were in the foot morals and changed the steak with garlic when we were out, but when we sat at the table there was no garlic at all.I was a Queen of Victoria , I believed you would not eat garlic because you did not want to drink garlic if you grabbed the audience the next day.

Queen's Way or Highway

Your Majesty also boils the shells, cuts eggs, peels them with a spoon, and eats them. Photo / Getty
Your Majesty also boils the shells, cuts eggs, peels them with a spoon, and eats them. Photo / Getty

The queen must also approve all recipes and menus and pass everything she does not want included.

Your Majesty, if you like simple food, I will send you a meal with different recipes.

"The queen is always like an old lady, so she likes work as usual," McGrady said. "They do not like change."

McGrady explained that the queen takes a practical approach with the menu and is not afraid of vetoes, especially if she goes out of season.

Seasonal food only

She likes strawberries, but it is certainly not a good idea to offer her to your majors in winter.

"Every morning we can send strawberries to The Queen in the summer of Balmoral, and she will not say a word. If we include strawberries in the menu in January, she says she will wipe the lines and dare not send genetically modified strawberries She absolutely eats seasonally, "McGrady said.

Although her pets had standards

If you are a pet of the royal family, you can also demand high standards for the official royal chefs.

According to McGrady, even the queen's pets eat like royalty.

The former royal chef has spoken about the recipe and has caused a misunderstanding of the queen's food.

One morning, a head chef named McGrady took on a special assignment to prepare carrots for his majesty.

He was instructed to peel three carrots, cut fingers, cut the edges, and cleaned them up perfectly before putting them in a small bag.

"Does she really like her carrots?" McGrady asks the senior chef. "Then he replied," No, they were not for the Queen, but for her words. "It was my first job cooking for the queen's horse."

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