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There are five things you might like about Hitman 2, and three things that might not be – brink wire


When I finally got to play. assassin Before I made the list of games in 2016, I was blown away. Each part assassin It may not have been revolutionary, and the sum of its parts was substantial. assassin I was doing something I could not try in other games. I set up a loose player in a sandbox that was designed with an unlimited number of ways to achieve goals and creativity.

The developer, IO Interactive, was hard to walk with the sequel. I knew I could improve the game's infrastructure because I did not have to fix things that did not break. There are some important issues that still need to be addressed, Killer 2 It is a natural evolution of one of the most exciting franchises of this generation.

When I win the final mission of 2016 assassinAll I wanted was more of that. Hundreds of civilians and a wider area with endless possibilities. There are many tools to dispatch my targets. Killer 2 That's exactly what I imagined. The continuity and scalability of great ideas has been perfected.

Once again, you will explore six diverse, widespread and dynamic places. Once again, you will need to use people and things around you to accomplish your mission. And once again, you can experience more without getting caught in the mission.

However, Killer 2 It has more than just a level pack or expansion for the first game. Agent 47 is now in tune with the crowd, hiding in a tall pool, using mirrors to round the corner, see the target, and even use the famous briefcase. Some of these improvements were immediate, but some of them were completely unknown to me, but both gameplay and UI changes were positive.

IO Interactive completely redesigned its progress system. Killer 2Although functionally the same, it is somewhat more satisfying to somehow get experience in everything you do, from quietly taking out everyone who comes into contact with discovering the area on the map and completing the story of the missionary.

At the end of your ministry, you will see a new overview that will guide you through all the discoveries and completed challenges you have made. All of these give you experience, which moves you to the proficiency level for the individual level, as well as the full level you always see on the menu screen. Level ups gave me carrots and enough to not need a game, but I can see myself chasing around more often.

assassin It was one of my favorite games in 2016. So the whole game Killer 2 Besides. If you own the first game assassin Legacy packs are free, so you can seamlessly deliver the six existing missions to the sequel. Not only is the location visually remastered Killer 2 Has been adopted.

Legacy packs are a smart move, whether you've never played a game since first released, all you've missed, or want to play again with all the wrinkles and replenishment of the sequel.

What is so interesting? Killer 2 It is its potential. assassin It became the foundation on which developers could build a multi-year franchise without having to release a whole new game as Bungee did. Fate 2. But it did not go far in that direction for a variety of reasons.

The patient is a virtue. Killer 2 It seems to be established to achieve what its prequel could not. Over the 12 sandboxes you can explore now, the game features challenging targets, escalations, contracts, challenges, sniper assassin mode, and new multiplayer ghost mode. Killer 2 Substantially greater Contractor 1 Start.

Whether you are offering french fries at the family barbecue at Whittleton Creek, or passing the busy streets of Mumbai, which is a big mess in the garage in the middle of Miami's Formula One style race, you are thrilled with the world involved. Killer 2 Must be provided.

I can not say for sure if I like the six locations I choose. Killer 2 (Hawke & s Bay, Miami, Santa Fortuna, Mumbai, Whittleton Creek, Isle of Sgàil) Killer 2 I do not have to choose. What I'm trying to say is that each of them is unique enough to guarantee a lot of playability, and I just want to go back to writing about them and find everything I missed.

If you want IO Interactive to relaunch your wheel with that sequel, you will be disappointed. Killer 2. Think of this as an increase in living expenses. It's more than before, but it will not change the way you operate. Agent 47 is the same skilled assassin two years ago and has some new tricks on the sleeves, but his approach is familiar and the structure is the same.

The Story Mission is performed almost exactly as you did in the first game, and missionary news to follow can lead to achievement of goals, various types of disguise, and inevitable confusion when you get lost. As I said before, this is exactly what I wanted. assassin It's a game, but it's pretty much what I expected, but if the first game does not win you, Killer 2 It will not help much to change your mind.

Like the predecessor's carbon copy of the game itself, the most important story is once again so thin that the first game is interrupted and provides a crumb for ICA and Agent 47's mysterious past (no animation). ). Think about how much confusion behind the scenes, and how lucky the team is. Killer 2 I do not exist at all, but I do not observe any shortage of animated cutscenes. But whether it was a stylistic choice or not, it did not work for me.

The day was over and rebooted. assassin The series is about a huge sandbox and creative problem solving. It does not mean that a convincing narrative is needed to bind it. Killer 2 Interactive is not enough to build the momentum created through the campaign in the first game.

The most disappointing element Killer 2 So far, there must be a severe delay between saving and load. Killer 2 We encourage trial and error. It is the keystone of the game, but you must save and load the game to go back and try again. You will spend countless hours in your campaign, but the wasted time waiting for the menu to load will soon start to wear out.

I can not stress enough how often a simple act of loading a save has taken me away from the game. I played. Killer 2 I can not compare PS4 Pro with other versions, but this is my biggest complaint.

I have always had a tense relationship with stealth games. The genre makes me interesting, and some of my favorite games over the past few years have focused on covert, but I'm not always patient enough to see it all the way through. Whatever the reason, assassin This trap could be avoided in 2016, and two years later, Killer 2 I did. that much assassin The game knows when to hold hands and when to release them.

I wanted to see IO Interactive take some risks for both story and mission structure, but its position was always amazing and original. I will assassinate my way through everything. This happens dozens of times, especially when new live content is added within the next week and months.

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