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The homeless were & # 39; devastated & # 39; after York pissed on the sleeping bag remaining at the doorway.


The homeless was devastated when someone peed in his sleeping bag and found all his belongings left at the store entrance.

People living in Christchurch, Dorset, Dorset, accused Zoe Haine of disgusting behavior. Zoe Haine runs a local soup kitchen where the man goes down in tears and tears.

A man who purposely pissed on a poor thing on ShoeZone's entrance pavement and found that his sleeping bag and clothes had been soaked, did not want to reveal his name.

He helped run the kitchen in Christchurch soup and said to Joe, who knows him: "It is not exaggeration to say that he was deserted.

"I think he might be in a bar, and he must have been deliberate because it was obvious what his possessions were and that they belonged to someone."

She said she was worried about the attack and was thinking of retreating to a less obvious location, so she was already sleeping in a more hidden place.

Christchurch soup kitchen message

"It seems to be a person who is not in a situation where I have nothing to think about what he is doing. I think it is a really sad attitude.

"I know that not everyone agrees with people sleeping on the street, and some people think they should move, but is this the kind of thing we want to see?

"Do you want to show how our children should behave?

She said she was not an isolated incident and that the tough sleepers were also physically attacked and abused.

"A handful of communities seem to think that they are a fair game. What happened to him is the loss of humanity.

"Some people believe that every homeless person is a drug addict or an alcoholic.

"In addition to Christchurch, wherever you go, your attitude toward sleepers is very narrow."

As a result, many homeless people avoid staying in busy communities.

"It is a vulnerable place in the center of the street. It is a very easy destination.

"They do not want their stuff to be stolen or exposed to similar things.

"Some of them can be really unpleasant."

The man headed for the high street at the entrance of the ShoeZone shop.

According to a 2016 study conducted by a homeless organizational crisis, one of the ten tough sleepers experienced a urine leak on the street.

Their study was also 17 times more likely to be a victim of violence than a rough bed and 15 times more likely to have experienced verbal abuse than the general public.

The government has recently allocated £ 387,000 to the Bournemouth Parliament to address rough sleep problems.

Bournemouth MP Conor Burns says, "The best way to solve the problem facing a tough sleeper is to find a way to help you get out of the way.

"We welcome government efforts, but we know that financial support alone can not do that," he said. "If there is any significant progress, we have to change the way we respond."

Homeless man (stock photo) in Liverpool city center

On October 5, he launched Bournemouth Sleep Support, an online network of 22 organizations across Bournemouth, Poole and Christchurch, which provides long-term assistance to harsh sleepers.

"I am monitoring progress and organizing regular meetings, and I really believe it will work," he said.

Wanderers' possessions now fit well with people who are saddened by many humiliating and humiliating social media.

Zoe Haine added, "We are a small number of people who are doing this and are always asking for help."

Her soup kitchen offers' sweeping 'and' swap 'services for the homeless and is always eager to get a new sleeping bag gift, a one – man tent and small men' s clothing.

"For reasons we can understand, most of the people we help are small and sometimes low in weight," she said.

"We are always looking at new or almost new small waisted pants or t-shirts, t-shirts and coats."

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