Sunday , August 14 2022

The government's flagship kiwi build policy is about & # 39; life support & # 39 ;. National's Judith Collins claims


The opposition insisted that the government 's flagship kiwi build policy was on "life – sustaining" and that the popularity of the plan was a stumbling block.

However, the head of KiwiBuild said he had no hurry to be the owner of the kiwi build, and said he would spend time with the people.

In answering questions last week, Phil Twyford Housing and Urban Development Secretary announced on November 5 that there were 388 pre-qualified KiwiBuild applicants.

People interested in purchasing KiwiBuild Home can apply for online pre-qualification in mid-August to see if they qualify.

Meanwhile, according to statistics from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), 3,375 contracts have been signed between KiwiBuild and developers.

National's home spokesman, Judith Collins, said the two figures differ because the KiwiBuild plan " [Twyford] Or the Prime Minister insisted, "he said.

"The minister is holding a straw to keep Labor's residential policy on life."

However, Stephen Barclay, head of KiwiBuild, said he had to hurry to pre-qualify KiwiBuild homes.

"It's important to become familiar with the system as we get pre-qualified in August, better understand the information we need to provide, and get financial advice," he said.

He says the best time to enter the pre-qualification phase is when the kiwi build can be developed in areas where potential buyers want to live.

The HUD figures show 3,375 contracts between KiwiBuild and the developer, and 2,858 (or 85%) locations in the house have not yet been announced.

The government aims to provide 1,000 households in its first year, 5,000 households by June 2020, and 10,000 households in 2021.

So far, 18 KiwiBuild houses have been completed and 73 are under construction. More than 45,000 people want to buy a KiwiBuild house.

Collins, on the other hand, is questioning the popularity of KiwiBuild since it was extended due to lack of interest in KiwiBuild houses in Wanaka.

At the time of the ballot opening in early October, only 20 entries were received, and the deadline was postponed until November 18.

A spokesman for Collins said it was more fascinating to announce the development of the South Island's kiwi builds than to see if demand for real estate with two or three bedrooms in Wanaka exists.

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