Saturday , September 24 2022

Spanish Ambassador announces new appointment


Foreign Minister Winston Peters today
Appointed Nigel Fyfe as Spanish ambassador.

Fyfe recently led the Deputy-Lead
Negotiating bureau, negotiating bureau negotiating bureau
Justice. Before that I worked in the Ministry of Education.
Trade Officer, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Negotiations Department, Department of Justice
Ambassador to Chile, Peru, Colombia.

New Zealand has a strong relationship with Spain. "
Peters. "We are close economic partners,
The number of New Zealand companies in Spain, especially
Health, IT, marine and agricultural sectors.

"Spain has had great support in New Zealand.
In pursuing an FTA with the European Union,
Promote gender equality, prioritize climate change,
A progressive trade agenda.

As the Spanish ambassador
Fyfe will also be responsible for diplomatic relations.
Andorra, Constantine, Morocco, Malta.

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