Sunday , October 24 2021

Serious fuel has survived after the patient a boiling water


An nurse has serious fuels to a patient in her attack.


An nurse has serious fuels to a patient in her attack.

In Christchurch, serene burns after a psychiatric patience with water.

Canonbury District Health Board (CDHB) mental health general manager Toni Gutschlag says that it will happen on Monday in a acute outpatient hospital in Hillmorton hospital.

The unit is an adult for adults with mental illness that requires 24 hours of nursing care.

A post dedicated to the New Zealand, you hear our Facebook page, said the power force written notes in the station of the girls when it was the event.

"A patient awareness of a cup of boiling water on her, causing the second degradation and future sharpness, not to forget the 'emotional trauma of these events," says the post.

The post, photo shoot of # 39; has severe burning has said, the patient says "shaved her shoulders" when asked how to do it.

"There is never an excuse to make oral or malicious use of malicious or malicious use. It could be your daughter, your wife, your sister, your friend."

"She is a toddler and there is no debt," says the post.

The coupon said that the toddlers "do well" and was in a good position.

The CDHB and the New Zealand Nurses Organization work on a project to reduce the effects of violence against medicines.

"The project aims at responding to attacks and threats, and looking at ways to prevent …, to deserve and manage aggressive behavior," said Gutschlag.

"No weight of violence against staff, patients, or everyone is acceptable."

There is a spread of attacks on medicine in Hillmorton Hospital.

Eighteen attacks were counted in April alone, and in March three emergency exits were filed in emergency emergency, after they were attacked by a passenger. One packet was "unplugged", the other was asked "to the bottom" and a third mother was hit by a jail after they were destroyed to help police.

CDHB member Jo Kane has previously said that the problem is present for high-interest rates and buildings that do not fit any longer.

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