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Recent: President Putin says he does not talk to Trump in Paris.


The latest information about the anniversary of the end of the First World War and a century later (all times in the region):

3:30 pm.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he would not meet with Defense Secretary Donald Trump of Paris after World War I, but will meet with a group of 20 nations in Argentina later this month.

Putin said that he and Trump have decided not to hinder the schedule of the First World War, according to state – run radio RT. Both are among the dozens of world leaders attending the celebration in Paris on Sunday.

Putin addressed RT's French network on the grounds that President Emmanuel Ma'Connon criticized the wrong information about the campaign.

Putin also praised the European army, supported by Macoron, "because it can strengthen the multi-polar character of the world."

Trump was adamant about the idea of ​​a European army that could aim to defend Europe against the United States.


3 pm

The French authorities detained three female feminist activists, Femen, after a 100 – year anniversary of the end of World War I, to stop the celebration of US President Donald Trump and dozens of world leaders.

Three law enforcement officials are waiting for further investigation on Sunday. He at least pretended to be a photographer, surpassing security barriers.

Interior Minister Christophe Castaner told BFM television that women were not armed and that the safety of the incident was "never threatened". Paris police say thousands of security forces have been deployed in the city for World War I celebrations and planned protests.

A woman walked down the street on the Champs Elysees, blocking Trump 's motorcade, setting the car, and shouting "a fake peacemaker".


2:45 pm

The Polish president led a solemn national ceremony in front of the obscure tomb, the 100th anniversary of Polish independence after World War I.

On November 11, 1918, President Andrzej Duda, prime minister Mateusz Morawecki and top Polish leaders gathered in central Warsaw on 11 November 1918 to celebrate the rebirth of the country.

The white and red crowds of Poland called the national anthem at Warsaw's noon as the army played.

Duda made a speech appealing for national unity.

Elzbieta Walek, 53, said in the European tensions, Polish independence should be celebrated and protected.


2:15 pm

Embassy of Romania and Romanian military officers wrote a wreath at the war memorial commemorating the end of World War I a century ago.

About 700,000 Romanians died of wounds, illness and famine during the war.

Dozens of British, Americans and Romanians led by Rev. Martin Sheldon, a British army priest of the Royal Air Force, attended Sunday worship. The 45-minute ceremony started with a fog and a bright sunshine at the Commonwealth War Cemetery, about 30 kilometers (20 miles) north of Bucharest.

A total of 90 pilots and a British, South African, and Canadian soldiers were buried during World War I.

Romania joined the Allies in 1916, but surrendered to the Central Army.

In 1918, he rejoined the war and doubled its territory after the war.


1:45 pm

The portrait of the soldiers who died during World War I was painted on many beaches in the UK and washed into the sea by ascending tides.

A tribute was held on Sunday in Blackpool and Cornwall beaches in London, the Shetland Islands in Scotland and other parts of England.

The portrait in the sand was part of a nationwide observation that was 100 years after World War I. British filmmaker Danny Boyle chose the late soldiers who were engraved on the beach.

Temporary memories of gestures have emerged that allow people to express gratitude to fallen soldiers of war.

Many people have joined the project. Artists and volunteers used the lake and stencil to create images early in the morning when the tides were low.


1:30 pm

The head of the German government was the first to take part in the UK's anniversary of the armistice.

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier wrote a wreath under the Senotap memorial in central London. As soon as Prince Charles laid his wreath on behalf of his mother Queen Elizabeth II.

Steinmeier paid tribute to Cenotaph on the 100th anniversary of World War I as a sign of respect for the fallen soldiers of England.

British officials said Sunday's appearance of the German president symbolized the friendship between the two countries was an enemy of World War II.


1:05 pm

French President Emmanuel Macron invited 130 world leaders and dignitaries to lunch as the cease – fire ceremony ended after World War I.

US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin are near Macron. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudo, King Mohammed VI of Morocco, Felipe VI of Spain, and Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

At the Palace of Versailles Palace in western France, the state and government head co-workers were invited to a lunch hosted by Brigitte Macron, the first woman in France. A personal concert by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra must follow.


1:00 PM

Pope Francis said World War I should serve as a serious warning against "war culture."

But Francis spoke sincerely at Peter Square in Vatican City Sunday, saying that "we are never going to learn," he said, ignoring the lessons of war.

The pope, accusing the arm industry, added, "Let's invest in peace, not war!"

Francis spokesman pointed out that St. Peter's Cathedral servants and churches across the globe were struck Sunday to celebrate the centenary of the past.

He called the 1914-18 war "a serious warning that everyone should reject the culture of war and still seek all the legal means to end the conflict that is bleeding in many parts of the world."

Francis also cited the definition of war as "useless slaughter" provided by Benedict XV, the pope during World War I.


12:45 pm

The soldier's family, wounded or killed during World War I, is one of the large crowds who set up the Champs-Elysees Avenue, which rained in Paris to commemorate the end of the war a century ago.

Peter Kearsey, a 72-year-old Australian, reminded his father of 28 face reconstruction operations after paralyzing his face in 1917 in Belgium. Kearsey says his father, Bill, survived because of a friend who pulled him out of the trench.

Kearsey said that since the soldiers who fought in trenches during World War had endured disastrous rain and mud, it rained from a ritual attended by dozens of world leaders in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the armistice.

"It's raining today after 100 years," he added.

The Kearsey family is also touring the WWI battlefield during the trip.


12:30 PM

French President Emmanuel Macron warns about the dangers of nationalism in a speech aimed directly at the wave of populism in America and Europe.

Madonna said that the "ancient demons", which gave birth to the First World War and millions of deaths, were growing stronger as US prime minister Donald Trump and other world leaders kept Sunday 's anniversary in Paris.

The French leader said, "Patriotism is the opposite of nationalism. Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism." Our interests, first of all, whatever happens to other people, you are the most precious thing the country can have It is its moral value that makes life important. "

Trump declared himself proud to be a nationalist. Ma'Connon, like other countries in Hungary and Poland, responded to the European nationalist movement fighting against a global approach.


12:25 pm

The Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II, led a national celebration in honor of the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I.

Princess Charles, a black adoption queen she witnessed on the balconies in central London, wore a wreath under the Cenotaph, a memorial to the fallen soldiers and women.

Solemn behavior, consisting of two minutes of silence, was repeated in dozens of cities, towns and villages throughout the UK.

Prince William and Prince Harry wrote wreaths in Cenotaph, just like any other senior member of the royal family.

The wreath was placed on behalf of Prince Philip, the 97-year-old husband of the queen who did not attend.

Theresa May and other major nationals also placed wreaths at the Central Central Memorial Hall.


12:20 pm

Eight teenagers born in the 20th century read excerpts of people who witnessed the end of the First World War.

French and British soldiers, Chinese workers and French women – are all shown in the excerpts, and Togo's singer concludes the music.

"When I realized how happy I was, I thought of the brothers and sisters who were victims of war and the fog in my eyes," wrote French soldier Alfred Roumiguieres.


11:45 am

Feminist activist group Femen claimed responsibility for the topless protesters who interrupted President Donald Trump's motorcross in commemoration of the end of World War I.

A woman easily broke the tight security along the Champs-Elysees road and walked through the middle of the motorcross when the car was passing, crying out "a fake peacemaker".

The officers later arrested her.

At least one other topless protester also made it into the road, but could not reach the car.

Femen topless demonstrators repeatedly violated security for world leaders and major events.


11:10 am

World leaders walked side by side to finish the end of the bell on the rainy line to commemorate the end of World War I.

They arrived a few minutes late and missed the exact moment to commemorate the truce that ended World War I. When the leaders walked over to the Arc de Triomphe, the fighter crossed overhead.

At 11 am on November 11, 1918, the deadly war ended.

US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin were scheduled to arrive separately for the ceremony.


11 am

World leaders have missed the exact moment to celebrate the truce that ended World War I.

As the bell rang in the western fronts of Europe, US President Donald Trump headed towards the Arc de Triomphe, as well as a bus full of world leaders, but ran out late.

Many leaders holding black umbrellas stood where monuments were scarce.


10:55 am

US President Donald Trump will head to the Arc de Triomphe in Champs-Elysees. World leaders attended a few minutes later to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I.

The President and other high officials left the French Presidential Palace on the bus just a few minutes before the ceremony was supposed to start at the Arc de Triomphe.

As for Russian President Vladimir Putin, Trump went to the memorial for security reasons.

The war ended at exactly 11 o'clock at 11:11 on November 11, 1918, and the Sunday ceremony drove the disaster that would surprise the world when it fell to another world war.


10:35 am

Former Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk, the European Union president, is a key figure in the nation's reconstruction after the First World War and commemorates the 100th anniversary of Poland's independence with a wreath on the monument.

The tusks were planted by Belvedere Palace, where Pilsudski lives, in the monument of Jozef Pilsudski, the first state and military leader.

Tusk, the opposition of the Polish government, stressed that the political debate on Poland's future is "too strong one day," and "our ties are much stronger and more important than Poland."

He will also participate in the noon state event at an unknown soldier grave.


9:50 am

French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Brigitte, welcomed dozens of world leaders at the French presidential palace and held a ceremony to celebrate the power recess in Paris.

Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi will be attended by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

Most nations and governments have buses to the Arc de Triomphe to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I.

Others will go directly to the monument for security reasons, including US President Donald Trump.


9:30 am

It does not leave anything to be the world leader of the Arc de Triomphe to commemorate the end of World War I.

French President Emmanuel Macron will sit down between his wife and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Russian President Vladimir Putin will sit on the left side of Brigitte Macron, and President Donald Trump and his wife will sit beside Merkel.

Other people who faced them were the French prime minister, the chairman of the French legislature, and the Spanish king Felipe VI.

Though the rain is threatening, all the leaders will be under one thousand in commemoration of the moment of World War I's slaughter 100 years ago.


9 am

Poland commemorates the 100th anniversary of the rebirth of countless incidents across the country, including marches and public hymns being publicly sung in over 600 villages throughout the country.

Poland was reborn at the end of the First World War in the ashes of the three powers that ruled and established central European countries for 123 years.

The ceremony in Poland is consistent with the world leaders gathered in Paris on Sunday marking a truce called the Great War.

As the independence of Poland recovered, the dream of a patriotic generation in which language and culture continued despite foreign rule and oppression came true. However, Poland had to be invaded and occupied again in the 20th century.


8:50 am

A memorial event is taking place around the world to commemorate the moment when the slaughter of World War I was finally stopped 100 years ago.

France was the epicenter of the First World War and hosted major world events to emphasize that the world should not go back to war with disasters and disasters along with World War II.

More than 60 world leaders, scheduled to gather at exactly 11:00 a century after the blackout, included people who had the power to destroy humanity when they fell into the folly of World War III.

The US and Russian presidents joined a series of leaders who showed how the "wars to end all wars" remain a corner of the globe, with geographical spread.

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