Wednesday , June 7 2023

Private pipes leaked to people's trash on Auckland beach | 1 News Now


A large number of human wastes that pollute Auckland beaches are being blamed for illegally or poorly maintained private sewers and rainwater pipes.

The sewer flooding is a continuing problem in the city, and the Auckland Commission DNA tested 20 beaches known to have water quality problems over the past four years.

Nearly 650 samples were collected, and more than half of them showed human sewage contamination.

The aging wastewater infrastructure has been blamed for past flooding. But Watercare's Anin Nama said it was wrong.

"The data we have so far have tended to be related to people crossing wastewater into rainwater, and to private pipes that tend to fail and leak over time," he said.

"There is nothing to indicate that the infrastructure of water care is inadequate."

Nama said the results from Takapuna Beach are good examples.

"We found a toilet block in a private pipe … actually leaching the wastewater and entering the excellent system and then going into the beach."

"The positive outcome of Takapuna was a direct result of the lack of private infrastructure and Watercare's infrastructure aging."

He said that if people throw fat, oil or wipes into the sewer system, people will get stuck.

It can also cause overflow problems.

"If we continue to say" water care issues, water care issues, "we will not be able to solve the problem," he said.

"[The] Most of the problems will be related to things that should not go into our network.

Nick Vigar of the Safeswim branch of the meeting invited the person who was suspected of pipeline leak to contact the suspect.

"Tracking these problems can be expensive," he said.

"We are happy to say that people come to us and we have a problem, absolutely we will solve and solve the problem," he said.

Vigar said the public should check the Safeswim website, which shows the water quality of the beach before swimming.

He said the council is working hard to identify and solve wastewater problems, but said it is not a quick solution.

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