Thursday , June 1 2023

Practical Review: Logitech G1 Pro Gaming Headphone and Mouse


I examine technology very seriously. I know what it means. Day and night of game and equipment testing. I crouched through the keyboard and tried to save the world without crashing the jet fighter. After sharpening your skills, racing and destroying expensive cars.

I complained to the boss about this and wisely said, "What did you expect? You are not a holiday, you know! Stop the grip and play more games!" I hope that my efforts will help you and help your loved ones, Knowing that you can be a little less stressful, you get some comfort. So I took the time to play serious games.

Unpacking the Logitech G1 Pro gaming headphone and mouse was a learning experience. I did not have a written document for a while and left me. However, my encounters have allowed me to connect to the Logitech Gaming software soon, and the Logitech Gaming software gives me a lot of advice to fill the gaps in the graphic bits in the box.

Part 1: Mouse

The mouse is very light and gives a very positive feel to the game or article. The multicolored lighting is very attractive. Until now, it has been a few weeks since we used it to charge the Pro Mouse once. It's easy to use and all you need to do when you replace your computer is to remember the dongle.

We enjoyed the additional accuracy that the mouse provided in Sniper Fury. Left-handed gamers have left-handed controls that can be easily mounted to the right of the mouse. The programmable buttons fit well on the thumb, and the sleek mouse shape gives the ominous person and Dexter gamer an ergonomic feel.

A little research shows that connecting the mouse to the charging pad will allow you to continue playing without plugging in.

Here's how Logitech describes it:

POWERPLAY Compatibility: Logitech G PRO wireless is compatible with the Logitech G POWERPLAY wireless charging system, the world's first wireless gaming mouse charging system that offers smokeless playback, unlimited charging and outstanding performance on the entire charging pad surface even when the mouse is operating. . The POWERPLAY energy field is converted to charging current by the POWERCORE module magnetically attached to the Logitech G PRO wireless device. "

Part 2: Logitech Pro Headphones

Many times as a reviewer, many sets of headphones have blessed my ears. Logitech Pro needs to be at the top in terms of comfort. Light and strong, I can wear for hours to the end happily without listening to anything.

I have much better experience listening to music and playing games. The clarity of the sound, the tone, everything is wonderful. One reseller used the phrase "precise sharpness". In other words, every gunshot, every bangs cry, no hint of distortion is provided without camouflage-churning precision.

This box is meant for serious gamers, saying "Jump for a win". If you need a chat, just plug in your microphone. I am normally too busy killing zombies or destroying tanks, so everything I can manage is fast. "I will have you." For those who live a second life, you will quickly learn the controls on the collar. Use the convenient mute button to listen only when you want.

A quick test call to Skype gave me an indication of sound quality. I was impressed how soft and smooth my voice was. This sounds better than Mike's James Earl Jones. Logitech responds to claims that it is a true professional headset, from low-signal-to-noise ratio condenser microphones to "passive noise isolation" that can compete with far more expensive alternatives.

Part 3: Game Quality

Here we had to pause to actually investigate how the mouse and headphones perform in the fast round of Sniper Fury.

Let's just clean up quickly, the car accelerates, the guns fired and the zombies moan and sound a pleasant sound effect. The mouse gave me excellent control, and I was able to use the scroll wheel to beautifully range from my target. Oh, that beautiful head shot.

For serious gamers, this kit will happily spread the bodily injury with a glorious surround sound and will move to the next level of control with the precise operation that the mouse allows. Game keyboards and other game-related hardware add envy to everyone's game settings.

Logitech makes a deep impression on technology standards and quality. For a complete experience, all you need to do is add words to your document with pictures.

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