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Murderer 2 (2018) – Miami: The Finish Line | Quiet assassin, suit-only guide


You do not need gorgeous movements to be a perfect assassin. The Hitman 2 (2018) – Sometimes we need a series of ridiculous things to align perfectly. If you are fast, you can assassinate Knox family targets in Miami very quickly. You can take both of them and escape within five minutes, and you can do it faster if you're actually on the ball.

Below is the exact sequence of events you need to follow to get a silent assassin, suit-only & # 39; rating. It is the goal of the most coveted sexual and prideful assassins throughout the game. Less than Silent Assassin is really embarrassing, but consider how huge the map is. The Hitman 2 (2018), It is more difficult to solve the riddle. Here is everything you need to know.

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Miami: Finish Line | Quiet assassin, suit-only guide
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No preparation is required for this mission. It is possible, but not required, to import Lockpick into the inventory to make things easier. I'll show you how to complete this with standard loading.

  • Recommended load-out: Silent pistols, coins (x3), loud distractions (fish)
    • optional: Lockpick, silent sniper rifle (in briefcase)

In order to receive "Silent Assassin, Suit Only", you must complete the level without changing your starting costume. I can not see it or I'm caught in the camera. Murder is hidden or looks like an accident.

From spawning (good starting point) Convention center back door, On the right side of the front entrance. Shoot the camera and Take the levers. Break through the outer gate in the van.

Go up to the maximum. 3rd Floor and Stand on the promenade. At the racetrack. Take a tour of the 4th floor balcony of the convention center Shoot the laptop. Next to the antenna. Disables the AI ​​routine that Robert Knox uses to help Sierra Knox.

In this passage Kill Sierra Knox and Robert Knox.. While Robert Knox was walking to repair the antenna, Motor racing in Sierra Knox In your silent pistol. You do not need a perfect goal. If you hit the car well enough, it will crash. Sniper rifles are not needed.

Throw a coin (Or squeaky toy, or other distraction) on the ground near the outer door under the 4th floor balcony Distract the guard. Robert Knox and Bodyguard will go downstairs to check for distractions. Shoot Robert Knox on your head.Sprint down to the nearest exit. If you stay as fast as possible, you can escape before your bodyguards come back and discover the body of Robert Knox.

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