Tuesday , May 30 2023

Mom experiences a terrible nut allergic reaction on a Jetstar flight.


As a young mother thought it was "residue leftovers" while boarding in a jetstar flight, her mother had a terrible allergic reaction. The child is hurt.

Em Lee said she did not consume nut residue while traveling to a budget airline on Monday, but said she might have touched or inhaled allergens.

The presence of a popular air snack was enough to cause her allergies and shocked young children.

"Thank you for your efforts to bear on the plane, thank you for the airlines who claim that this snack option can never be reconsidered because of the high demand for air travel."

Em Lee believes that the remaining nut on a domestic jet star airplane is responsible for her & # 39; mild allergic reaction. Image: Facebook / Meli

"It also has an emotional impact on my children.

"Even though they have calmly relieved them all the time, I was so hurt that I was going to die on a plane last night. They are terrified."

A spokesman for Jetstar said he knew about Lee's experience in Yahoo's news and attempted to contact her.

"Jetstar does not sell peanuts and has medical equipment if the customer experiences severe allergic reactions."

"But we have in-flight meals and snacks that include traces of nuts. These meals and snacks are clearly labeled.

"We can not guarantee rooms without nuts because other customers can bring their own food."

Jetstar said they do not sell their peanut products. Image: Getty

<p class = "canvas-atom canvas-text Mb (1.0em) Mb (0) -sm Mt (0.8em)Lee's life-threatening airborne allergies are like enduring an entire flight with a person on a plane and holding a gun. & nbsp;"data-reactid =" 65 ">Lee said that suffering life-threatening airborne allergies is like getting on an airplane and enduring the whole flight with someone holding a gun on board.

Pictures shared on Facebook after a few hours after dosing showed that the mother's eyes were swollen but the response was "trivial."

She urged passengers to know better how dangerous airborne allergies are.

"I wrote in a small space before revealing how much effort it takes to take at least one foot to reduce the number of airborne allergens present or present.

She recommends that people with air allergies have at least three EpiPen, advise airlines, wipe seats and trays with disposable antimicrobial cloths, pack dust masks, and notify the aircraft of an emergency anaphylactic kit.

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