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Michael Schumacher & # 39; sint & # 39; people around him: German Archbishop

Michael Schumacher likes


Michael Schumacher likes "senses" people around him, according to a German arts bishop.

Michael Schumacher's face is complete & # 39; And he "believes that people are around him," a German artsbist has offered.

Schumacher's condition is mostly undisturbed, but he "believes that people are around him," says Georg Gänswein.

The Archbishop visited the seven-timer of Former one champion of Switzerland in 2016, three years after he won a scam at the time he was ships in France.

Michael Schumacher, imagine his latest Formula 1 race, in Brazil, in 2012.


Michael Schumacher, imagine his latest Formula 1 race, in Brazil, in 2012.

Schumacher spent six months in a coma after accident, and was appointed since his home, with a few details of his terms offered.

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Goose's since Schumacher's face, "a littler filled", but otherwise his appearance did not change.

"I sat opposite him, took both hands and looked at him," said the 62-year-old Catholic leader, according to Bild.

"He believes that loving people are around him, make him and thank God for keeping the enraged audience alive."

Schumacher, who died in January, was clearly dreamed of disappearance of public life, before he hit his head on a stone, his helmet up.

His director, Sabine Kehm, made the request in 2016, although his comments were only published.

"In a long discussion, Michael said to me: # You do not have to complain about the coming year, I'm gone.

"I think it was my secret dream to do a day, so I want to protect my desires now, so I can not let it go."

Schumacher's son, Mick, recently had his favorite "moment moment" for a German documentary.

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