Saturday , September 18 2021

Lorde needed an IV drip after filming with Late Night host Seth Meyers

Lorde day drinking with Seth Meyers. Video / Late Night with Seth Meyers

As the release date for Lorde’s long-awaited album pops up, the singer admitted that she needed an IV drip after getting drunk with Seth Meyers.

The singer arrived at the host last night to promote her new song Stoned At The Nail Salon, and she admitted that she needed some hydration after consuming cocktails for a shit they were filming together.

Meyers asked Lorde, “To be honest, how hungry were you the other day?”

She admitted that she “can’t see” after an alcoholic beverage because she was filming the segment.
“It was crazy,” she said.

Meyers explained that she made the day-drinking film last Monday, the day before her performance on Stephen Colbert. And the Late Night host admitted that he was worried that he was somehow sabotaging their live performance of Solar Power.

Lorde got drunk with Seth Meyers and needed an IV drip to get over her hangover.  Photo / NBC
Lorde got drunk with Seth Meyers and needed an IV drip to get over her hangover. Photo / NBC

“You kind of destroyed me,” Lorde explained.

“And I had to get a whole popstar thing, an IV drip,” she said.

“Someone came to my hotel and had to give fluids to my ‘corpse,'” Lorde told the talk show host.

Meyers invented a variety of unusual Lorde-inspired cocktails, including a cocktail inspired by her song ribs, with an actually cooked rib.

The couple started the segment with a beer. Unfortunately, a Lion Red like Tui was not on the menu, but Myers offered the Auckland singer the classic Australian beer Fosters.

“We tried to get a New Zealand beer, but we could not get it. That, we got a Foster’s – that’s Australian. I’m sure, as Kiwi you will admit that these countries are interchangeable,” the talk show host said.

During the segment, Lorde tests the show host on his Kiwi snake knowledge, including bach and wop wops.

When he asked Lorde to use the word bach in a sentence, she replied, “that’s a really nice bach,” to which Myers rolls his eyes.

“You know what you can record with Lorde,” he says as he hits a shot.

Meyer’s Kiwi accent sounded more like Funky Bunch’s Marky Mark.

Lorde was then asked about her knowledge of New England slang including, clicker and 30 rack.

Clicker is another name for a TV remote and 30 rack is exactly how New England residents say 30 Rock.

The couple then played a game called “guess the Royal”. They then dive into a place of abstract painting where Lorde admitted that she is “drunk”.

The singer started at the American talk show host to premiere her latest single, prior to her performance of Stoned at the Nail Salon on Meyers’ program.

The song is an introspective ballad, which leaves fans after their latest album in Lorde’s mind. Compared to Solar Power, the new song is slower and more melancholy.

She provided details about the show:

“It’s pretty fun that we’ll be performing this night on Seth the day it comes out, shoulder to shoulder two years and change to the day we wrote it.”

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