Tuesday , January 31 2023

League: Coach Michael McGuire wins the game against England national team


Kiwi coach Michael Maguire has defended his team to defend England with a 34-0 victory over Leeds in the third and final tests today.

Kiwis scored without doing anything in 16 attempts in front of 32,186 fans on Elland Road. Liverpool.

McGwire has changed almost all attack opportunities to points, but New Zealand has been very pleased to be able to close the door at home.

England finished the camp following the visitors' goal line and had plenty of opportunities to score, but poor execution and desperate tackling did not damage Kiwis.

"It would be nice to add some games because this group is definitely growing," Maguire said. Radio Sports.

"It is a great pleasure to be able to lead the international team to score zero, defensively starting to confirm that we have been stronger for five or six weeks, and we were able to show that fact tonight. "

New Zealand's Esan Marsters relieve the burden as Oliver Gildart of the UK challenges it. Photo / Getty
New Zealand's Esan Marsters relieve the burden as Oliver Gildart of the UK challenges it. Photo / Getty

Since Magiire was the worst enemy of both times in the opening test, I think Kiwis has realized a lot better performance thanks to the misunderstanding.

They seemed to be heading in the same direction in the first quarter when the first-half pass brought Ken Maumalo, a left-winger and back-rower Issac Liu, to the same team, but they strengthened their play to defend the sixth- did. 0 lead.

Kiwis was late in the first two games in the first half. However, he began to nervously attack the English attack. He scored goals before scoring a goal against Kodi Nikorima and Liu. He secured 18-0 half time lead.

"I think of their understanding of what they should do. [changed]"McGwire said of his team's dramatic turnaround.

"An international football game can be played up to one game, pass before the end of the game, and do not put pressure on it when necessary, so we have to make sure that it is the way we do things that go forward."

Nikorima's influence continued when he found Maumalo's correct kick for his second 4-point shot before slowing Jesse Bromwich and Joseph Tapine's defeat.

Shaun Johnson was also strong in the attack and pulled four rounds in five attempts. Isaiah Papali (i) at the interchange fired his final goal in his test debut.

"I am very happy that both teams really lead, push the team and have great friends in the middle," McGuire said.

"Now I can clearly see how I can keep going on club soccer. I will pay attention to all sorts of things.

"But we have a young Brandon Smith, and Issac Luke is still at home, and we have a few choices that can double our lives to move forward."

England coach Wayne Bennett was shamed by goalkeeper Tommy Makinson for refusing a four-point shot.

"I was not happy with the show, but I accepted what happened there, and I understand better than most, and keep on going," Bennett said.

"You have not seen a score line like that but it happens. We've been on the line a couple of times so they have not been considered an attempt, so it just runs a couple of days that way.

"We have played two great games and we have to keep a point of playing nice football, so we won this series."

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