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How a policeman dropped it until it was determined


OPINY: It is said that this family is infected and one of the finest things about Wellington's is her family. the way. They ask you not to go unanswered. No questions asked. No waiting. It is spread.

Quality itself seems to be found on medical qualifications. This week, it was discovered that a woman who worked for 23 years in the United Kingdom as a psychiatrist who has done so under a false University of Auckland medical diplomatic qualification.

But she was quite insufficient in British Medical Workforce, did not ask any questions. And she could have enjoyed her relaxation position if she was not discovered by a British reporter (not the medical watch dogs), tortured a big rat, after a woman's wife age in & # 39;

Everything that it needed for the reporter to exhibit profound problems were a few very popular phone calls back to the main sources in New Zealand, the University of Auckland and the New Zealand Medical Council. Her "medical certificate certificate" confirmed her review in 1992 with a study.

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It is unfortunate to note that medical rights in both the United Kingdom and New Zealand provide us with the old calm and trusty system (now urgent addition of thousands of documents previously registered) in 2003 replaced by a more stringent approach.

Zholia Alemi falsified that she had a medical diploma when she was in 1990 in & nbsp; the United States came.


Zholia Alemi falsified that she had a medical diploma when she was in 1990 in & nbsp; the United States came.


But replacing the old one with the new does not mean the end of bogus psychiatrist, doctor or even girls. History is complete with these stories and birds, for example, neurius to alternate with threat, such as fraud and treaty.

Many leases, a pretend therapy, already worked in a hospital, moved to a job or a practitioner after having said that he was a registered general toddler and was not asked for evidence. In another four years, they practice as practice in four different surgeries, and never have their real registration of # Check the registration before you take it again.

Another overseas "force", position as playgroup, had a number of caregivers on the left side of # 39; the last century. His case is so severe as the nose NZ psychiatrist, NP's or NP has its rules in regulatory substances.

It is a bit uncomfortable to see a growing number of documented cases of immersion in such trusted health reports. Many have the power to diagnose patients and prescribe powerful medicines. The misled psychiatrist, like the British reporter, could show "patients against their will in cases where it may be necessary, all on trust".


Just as much faith is the psychological thriller Trust me Just fiction, it is hard to deal with reality. For those who have not been here listed, a former police sends their identity to a doctor, learns how to use a stethoscope, a number of sewing skills of the world of # 39; the web browser gives you control and control. It is worth to see.

Then the famous story of Levon Mkhitar was a medical student, but could not tell his diploma. He went on to work with 3363 patients in two years in seven NHS trust in oncology, cardiology, transplantation and surgical sections, such as in A & E, successful documents as needed on the road.

A scrub nurses in a hospital in England called Kevin O Flanagan, who proved he was an "orthopedic practitioner," completed complete job titles for his work colleagues for more than eight years and pocketed cash For almost 40 encryption he did not work.

A strange viewer Gray's Anatomy, he kept a stethoscope in his wardrobe, wore surgical scrubs around the house, expanded his camping and even his pajamas.

More bizarrens he held a human highlight as a coffee table, where the community was declared a 90-year-old man and he wanted to turn it into a drugstore. He was persecuted last year.

That all makes reading strange.


"You can always eradicate something of human beings, and people everywhere, but you can not frustrate the world," said Abraham Lincoln.

But many still succeed and most of the communication data is longer, although many times they may have made a nice bite of subtle underlying, discovered damage.

The way left and doctors have been set up (or not fat) is clearly a big problem. These leaders get the jobs, learn the pupils, and treat patients. How were they in the first place? One "force" I knew a permanent teacher at a large college with a huge salary to boot. They eventually managed to sit six years after a nursing test.

For our ultimate psychiatrist, its future now is just enough. Just as much for them and without doubt are still a lot to follow, she was offered the family to ask for a few questions. But it will probably be quite long for them to be released.

– New Zealand Doctor

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