Tuesday , November 30 2021

Hamilton bus structures return to work after agreement reached | 1 NEWS NOW


Hamilton buses will come back to the city to today from the city to the Go-Bus company and the First Union reached an agreement with the stop of bus drivers, as well as a path to an important lift in their wages.

The buses will normally operate today, while important school services begin on Monday.

The decision was confirmed on Friday evening at a series of meetings between Go Bus, First Union, the Waikato Regional Council and the Hamilton City Council.

Hamilton Mayor Andrew King said, "Busfryters have important jobs in our city, and we think it's important that they can get a fair income for that work, so we're glad that there is now an agreement that ties to you goes ".

Mr. King said it was pleased that the Hamilton City Council had been able to work "with the regional council of Waikato to help resolve the resolution" conflict. "

"We are partners in offering high-quality public transportation to Hamilton, and today we have to see how effective this partnership can be."

The details of the agreement will be reported to the Board of Trustees and Infrastructure of & nbsp; The council for discussion of councilors on December 6.

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