Saturday , June 19 2021

Facebook Launches Mentor Capabilities – FutureFive New Zealand

Whether you are a new parent seeking advice, want to learn new skills, or are looking for personal development, Facebook wants to find a new best friend-mentor.

The social network platform featured the Facebook group's ability to connect with mentors and mentees based on specific topics that people are interested in.

This feature makes it easy for people over the age of 18 to connect with others in the Facebook group with experience or expertise to help them achieve their goals.

Facebook Mentorship Product Manager Gabriel Cohen says the feature will be released after the feature is successfully implemented in the United States. The general public has come to New Zealand this week.

Cohen says people in existing communities can now get one-on-one support through the Guide Program.

"For example, two mothers at Mama Dragons, a group to empower and support mothers with LGBTQIA children, are helping each other on a journey to raise transgender children, and a woman is helping a soap maker and business coaching mentor To help her love her making hobbies and business soaps. "

Cohen adds that mentoring is available to people within a specific group that focus on parenting, career and personal development, so that all groups that are members can not use Mentor Teen.

The mentorship feature considers privacy and safety. All communications between a mentor and a mentee are visible only to each other. Facebook's reporting and blocking features apply just as they do to Facebook.

"Our goal is to create a tool for people to get the support they need, and we hope that mentorship will make it easier for people to build relationships that will help them achieve their goals."

Here's how the Facebook Mentorship feature works.

1. The group manager creates a mentorship program. Administrators can choose from a variety of template programs such as career advancement, technology development or encouragement and support, and choose the template that best suits their community needs.

2. People join and match their mentor / mentee. Group members can join to become mentors or mentees. The group manager will then bring people together.

3. Introduce the pair. Pairs can get to know each other and work through the program steps of one-on-one mentorship programs on Facebook. With Instant Messenger, you can share posts, comment, or communicate via Instant Messenger.

4. Mentors and mentees get step-by-step instructions. The pairing is conducted through a guidance program that guides each week to identify each other.

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