Tuesday , October 19 2021

F *** you!: Raging Warriors fan set fire to Shaun Johnson merchandise


It has not been a long time for Warriors fans to lose their sense of Shaun Johnson's travel.

In a video clip of society was yesterday one of the & # 39; the famous supporters to see how they put a Shaun Johnson merchandise T-shirt in fire.

The hanging of hanging the light-colored "SJ" shirt on front of the front of the drip, calling the fingers on the SJ cloth.

He is then heard from Johnson "F *** jo, your s *** ****" before putting your gasoline on the shirt and setting the fire.

Many Warriors fans have found a video, with some learning the action of # 39; man.

"That was an ugly shirt, however, … off of money in the first place," said one person, while another "clever reaction" wrote.

Others were not as comfortable with some diehard Johnson, of course, to grow the grief of surprising warriors-supporter.

"I know we have SJ, but end of day is one player in our 25-year history."

Another wrote: "What a thick hek, he would even put in fire."

Not everyone has informed Shaun Johnson from the Warriors well.
Not everyone has informed Shaun Johnson from the Warriors well.

The eight-year love warfare of Shaun Johnson came to a dramatic end, when the club left the superstar half-brother a direct release of the last year of his contract on Wednesday.

Yesterday, the headquarters of Cameron George received a silence on the case, saying that the club would not compromise on # 39; team culture.

"Yesterday [head coach] Stephen Kearney, [recruitment manager] Peter O 'Sullivan and I saw Shaun and his director Peter Brown, "he said.

"In Shaun's meeting, it was clear that he would not be in the club in 2019.

"Based on what we have told us, we will not come up with our culture and on the field with people who do not want to represent our club, members and fans in the way we expect .

"Everything we do about the club for the first time and what is best for our future, our development and ultimately our results.

"If it's not enough, it's up to us, we have to contribute to the individual Shaun's Vodafone Warriors. We're proud of what he has achieved at the club and he is best for the future wish. "

After the announcement, there was a mixed reaction from fans around the country with a lot of how the club treated the situation.

"I have been with this club since 1995 and have run the wheelchair, but I have never been more likely or discarded in my club," wrote Lorraine.

"The handling of his release from day one of the clubs makes me believe that the new owners and the new CEO are a shame! When Shaun was wishing or not is the point after eight years of sweating his sweat and tears for This club he deserves better than the terrible leave of this new director has given him! "

"The statement of warriors is completely regrettable, he has received the warrant of colors of 'day one day.' The way the club is treated is the reason he does not want to be there so they have to try it, not to say that he will compromise the culture of the club, "Kendal wrote.

"Warriors management are instruments, good Shaun, win the premiership with a club that values ​​and appreciates." Hopefully Johnson's fans will get the chance to forget. "

There were a number of fans happy to see Johnson and the decision to retain the club.

"Or if you do not agree with the decision Shaun has not even seen an elite player with his commentary on the media, social and otherwise: he has polarized fans – some of us still remarkably after his reaction to Kiwis loses & # 39; World Cup last year saves fans, "wrote Lucyloo.

"Good for a warrior to create the right call and it would be a lot to call for the club." Johnson has not been the same since his knee and knee development in 2015. All best SJ, "commented Warriors -Taranaki.

"Fantastic News – In principle, Income Data – Compare a similar salary to that of Thurston. Do we want to stop our positions in our various businesses if we have implemented this bad week in the week?", Paul Ross.

Johnson finishes his career on Warriors with 917 points from 162.

It is believed that the Cronulla Sharks are favored to make Johnson one year before 2019.

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