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Endometriosis: Cruel disease that nobody talks about


Tauranga women are often categorized as "drug seekers" when seeking medical help for her painful condition, requiring more understanding of endometriosis.

In a heartbreaking Instagram video, Annalize Harte is painful when she talks about her frustration with her condition, which causes a painful and sometimes extreme period.

She says she is still misunderstood because many women are suffering from endo and are generally known.

"100 percent, I believe there is still a problem with the perception of endometriosis.

"I think women are especially concerned with women, especially menstrual problems, and teach them to keep their menstrual cycle quiet and quiet from a very young age.

"The reception at the school gave the students a tampon and put them on a counter in an envelope. The boys got a lot on the subject, and the girls believed it was a topic that should not be discussed.

"Endometriosis is a disease that affects the menstrual cycle, so it forms a potential pair with the taboo. No one speaks loudly about it"

Harte, who was diagnosed with endometriosis five years ago, runs the All About Annie blog to raise awareness of her condition of pain.

Because endometriosis is a disease that affects the menstrual cycle, autism is paired with this & quot; taboo & quot ;. No one will speak comfortably.

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"Over the past few weeks or months, I have not had a normal bowel move and I can not find a pad to accommodate my flow. Embarrassing women are the hardest women to feel when discussing why they need another day with their employer.

I created a blog to shine light on what people think should be hidden behind a closed door.

This is what many women around the world have to deal with, and I want them to feel normal! One of the worst parts of this bottle is the feeling of being expelled. When I was first diagnosed, I had never heard of endometriosis. I did not feel like I could actually talk about something wrong or someone else understood.

I do not want others to feel that way. I hate to know that people feel alone, misunderstand, and defeat. "

Harte performed a number of treatments including birth control pills, double laparoscopic surgery, inserted Mirena, acupuncture, female health physical therapy, pelvic floor treatment and medication.

The idea that she can not have children is one of the hardest things to deal with every day with pain.

She said there was not enough understanding of the medical illness.

"Sometimes you just feel like you are making up your symptoms and you just feed on your drug habits."

Harte tries to manage his endeavor by cutting healthy eating, dairy products, gluten and sugar and doing regular exercise.

Rachel Axis

Rachel Axis, Shannon Armstrong Photos
Rachel Axis, Shannon Armstrong Photos

Papamoa mom and social work student Rachel Axis agrees that she hardly understands the pain she is living with endo.

"It 's not a joke! It' s real, it 's painful, and it' s all a different story to you, it 's not a pain in time, it' s like a tiny miniature human being in you tearing you apart, tearing them apart, It's after kicking up the birth canal. "

She was recently harassed on charges of being accused of "drama queen".

"It reaffirms that I feel uneasy about it and that some people think it is a joke, just misinterpreted endometriosis in society."

She believes that many people can potentially find relief from medical marijuana.

"I am afraid to say this because of my reputation, but I took my hand out of bed and had a day of conversation with my family."

She and her partner Tiki Taane, who are blessed to have a daughter, are trying to spend their childhood and have suffered a fatal heritage this year.

There are side effects of hormonal imbalance such as cystic acne and it is also difficult on the physical side. She isolates herself and destroys her confidence to avoid social gatherings.

Painful sexual intercourse or bleeding during sexual intercourse can be painful and abdominal bloating is another discomfort.

"Inconsistent weight gain and loss, and my chest is like a belly."

Consistent pain can cause chronic fatigue and mood swings.

Now the axis is diet, exercise and "sucking" attitude to manage symptoms and self-management is important. She urges others to talk about it and, if possible, educate them to help eliminate misunderstandings and even "shame" around the illness.

Libby whale

Libby whale and her & # 39; miracle & # 39; baby. Photos / Little Minx Photos
Libby whale and her & # 39; miracle & # 39; baby. Photos / Little Minx Photos

Mount Mom Libby Whaley agrees that there is a taboo on the health and duration of women.

"Some people may not think that they have heard about it or that they should talk privately."

Whaley says he can easily share his status with his friends, family and friends at his own salon, Epsilon Hair. She uses products that do not contain parabens and certain ingredients, as parabens say they mimic the body's estrogen. Endometriosis tissue grows.

She went to an infertility clinic and tried to get a diagnosis when describing symptoms, but she said she felt "polished".

After suffering from pain, irregular period, 3 years of pregnancy and suffering from symptoms, she finally underwent diagnostic endoscopy.

"I grew up for at least three or four years this time, and I had a mystery, I had to meet a professional surgeon and I was in trouble."

She finally conceived and conceived and gave birth to her daughter "Indigo, they miraculous baby", in the early August of this year – she transferred to the second laproscopy, climiphene and IUI two months, six embryos and three rounds of the IVF.

During her fertility struggle, she and her husband were moved from Auckland to the mountains to reduce the level of stress in their lives and began to consume mainly reproductive and organic foods.

She also tried a treatment called lipiodol flush, sprinkled oil on the uterus and fallopian tubes, and a successful IVF procedure was specifically designed for women with endometriosis.

Because she is breastfeeding Indigo, she is breastfeeding, so her symptoms are alleviated when there is no treatment period, but more surgery is needed in the future.

Jenny Schiander

Devilskin lead singer Jennie Skulander sang about endometriosis. Photo / file
Devilskin lead singer Jennie Skulander sang about endometriosis. Photo / file

Jennie Skulander, the lead singer of the rock band Devilskin, gives a keen insight into the personal struggles of endometriosis in the band's latest release, ENDO's image of tired high heel boots.

"ENDO is based on my four-stage surgery: the Devilskin song ENDO is a vocalist Jennie Skulander's struggle against endometriosis.

Devilskin's Endo is a song about endometriosis.
Devilskin's Endo is a song about endometriosis.

Lyrics "Break the mass up" is the removal of an 11 cm cyst (endometrioma) from the ovary. I think this disease affects many women around the world and it is time for us to speak openly. "

Endometriosis New Zealand (ENZ) is the leading organization for endometriosis and pelvic pain in New Zealand.

ENZ stops pain and influences change through education, advocacy, support and research at school.

Deborah Bush, chief executive of ENZ, said more than 120,000 girls and women in New Zealand have endometriosis and can take more than eight years to be diagnosed.

She said that 27% of girls in New Zealand are suffering from pain or symptoms that interfere with their daily lives or their daily lives and miss schools every month or for several days. "It is important to recognize symptoms early and follow the recommended treatment plan to avoid symptoms that interfere with school, work, relationships, quality of life or fertility."

What is endometriosis?
Endometriosis occurs when tissue similar to the endometrium (called the endometrium) grows along the fallopian tube, ovary, or pelvis in other places outside the uterus.
Symptoms include pain, bowel problems, painful sexual intercourse, poor fertility or infertility, tiredness and low energy, pain elsewhere such as the waist, and abnormal menstrual bleeding.
Endometriosis is a common inflammatory disease that 176 million girls and women worldwide are expected to affect their reproductive years, and is equivalent to 120,000 in New Zealand. In other words, about one-tenth of New Zealand women have endometriosis.
– nzendo.org.nz

Tips for Endometriosis Treatment
– Eat healthy foods. Gluten, dairy, red meat, caffeine and alcohol can be the worst enemies of the endeavor. So some patients should avoid most of these times.
– Exercise – Makes you feel good.
– Meditation, walking along the beach, watching funny movies, relaxing and feeling good all reduce our cortisol and prevent symptoms from becoming too severe.
I do not have a paraben. Parabens are included in most beauty and body products such as shampoo, makeup, soap, body wash, and moisturizer.
– Use a heat pack, take enough sleep and practice your own love.
– Ask for support and follow other bloggers who are struggling to know that you are not alone. If your doctor does not "understand," change your doctor.
– Drink lots of water.
– Talk out and honestly educate people around you.
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