Thursday , June 24 2021

Emergency alert testing expected to reach half of all mobile phones

National tests of the emergency mobile alarm system will be conducted later this month.

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This alert will be sent to your mobile phone between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm on Sunday, November 25th.

Civil Defense expects half of all mobile phones to receive a warning.

In a similar test last November, it reached about a third of all mobile phones.

The minister, Sarah Stuart-Black, said she was working effectively through the annual system test and helping the public learn what to expect and how to work.

"By running this test and asking people to be alerted, we can test the ability of the system, cell tower and cell phone to receive emergency mobile alerts," Stuart-Black said.

"It's just a test, but in an emergency, Emergency Mobile Alert is an essential channel to keep the community safe.

"Not all phones are capable of receiving alerts at this time, so we need people to care for each other. If you get an alert, let your neighbors, your colleagues and colleagues know."

This is the message you received today.

Civil Defense declared the emergency alert test successful in November last year.
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The system can geo-target your area and is not affected by network congestion.

"Last year's national testing was very important because it emphasized not only the perception of the system but also some handset-related issues," Stuart-Black said.

The test warning message contains a link to the Civil Defense website, which you can use to create surveys to help recipients inform you of improvements to the system.

Learn more about emergency mobile alerts, including whether your phone is compatible. [ the Civil Defence website].

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