Tuesday , November 30 2021

Covering TV nostalgia with just the right retro-free gift


NEW YORK (AP) – There is no nostalgia, just like TV nostalgia, just the right binge watcher or old fanatism, at least. A few ideas for retro TV-gifts were wounded to see by the decades:

"The Honeymooners"

Search for dolls of favorite characters in original packaging, autographed photographs and frame studio shows with show states. Head to eBay, Amazon or other sites and stores that will be treated in collectors.

Otherwise, go to chuckles with a mousepad or T-shirt with "The International Order of Loyal Raccoons" or an "Alice Kramden is my role model" mug or ones, for the next generation.

A special favorite on Rebubble.com: A beautiful graphite-colored drawing of Ed Norton makes the Hucklebuck on hoodies and T-shirts. $ 25.52.


We speak the original series. These collectibles are real. Know what you are doing and how much you have to pay for this material.

There are tons of Star-trek gifts items on the spot, including an oven with the split fingers of volcanic peace and prosperous growth on Thinkgeek.com, for $ 9.99. T-shirts are on CBSstore.com, such as a retro search for women in a yellow crew with original signs. $ 24.99.

The store at startrek.com put the Delta on a 16-inch Wineglass for $ 9.99 and offers a USS Enterprise bottle opener for $ 14.95, as a result of losing it. Youth in an ugly sweater that reads: "Trek the neck". $ 64.99.

How is it about a set of Vulcan ears, full of sinister ears, of Anovos? $ 35.


Pick in "Dyn-O-Mite!" T-shirt. Cafe Press even has one in white for dogs. $ 19.95.

The actor comedy you played J.J. Evans, Jimmie Walker, made that word his hand. He writes memoirs with Sal Manna, "Dyn-O-Mite! Good Times, Bad Times, Our Times". The book describes Wapen's great and misleading upbringing in Bronx, its uprising as a permanent comedy and tension on # the set of this CBS program. Dig around for the best copy or look for digital or audio versions to gift.

Have a look at Janet Jackson, who has been on show as Penny Gordon Woods? Try something special on Jackson's official website. It is full of World War & Rhythm Nation merchandise. How is it about a black, vanilla-scarlet Janet candle in a pleasant black suit? $ 24.95 by Janetjackson.com.


The galleries, especially Betty White, have a long time.

There are Golden Girls branded Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit and Clue board games because, why not. There is a Sophia "action" figure, fleece and Pez dispensers of the whole gang.

Not good enough? How about a backpack with NBC's cast, a Shady Pines retention of kayaking or raccoon? Not just fine Find Amazon for a pink sweatshirt with Blanche, Rose, Sophia and Dorothy hated the "Squad Goals".

Fans of cars can enjoy the Golden Girls auto-air safety of seven values ​​with real-life likeness of women coming a few turns highs from passers-by. Available at Toynk.com for $ 29.99. This site also sold a set of four colored glazed glasses, one Golden Girl per glass. $ 19.99.

And Funko, named by a company called pop-culture collectibles, is the Holy Grail of Golden Girl "the" articles in a purple-hated, cheerio-food bag with a scroll inside. It was so called private seller now asking almost $ 85 a box.


All things Dunder Mifflin are available, from tumblers and water bottles to apparel and Pam's painting art from the building. Look no further than NBCstore.com for a nice selection.

How is it about a Schrute Farms Beets Bed and Breakfast T-shirt, in beer color. Go to Amazon.

Here's a duet of gifts for a super fan you also get your shot? The NBC online store sells "I love you as Jim Loves Pam" gives a mug or a set. $ 65.95.


This year is the 50th anniversary of # 39; the iconic PBS back in 1968. With the addition of a recent documentary, Fred Rogers is a fan of fans.

The PBS online store is ready. There is a fabulous bracket with favorite categories and song readers and the man himself. When you add high water, its color of its business changes its clothes. $ 13.99.

There is a colorful replica of the famous Neighborhood Trolley for $ 59.99, an array of socks with his face, T-shirts, a magnetic color set, notecards, colorful notes with inspirational sides and even a remarkable bar Soap that costs $ 3.99.

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