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Bradley Cooper – The Lady Gaga Musical is the New Zealand Film Commission 's suicide & # 39;


David Shanks, Chairman of the New Zealand Film Classification Committee, asked the filmmaker "to have a star" in order to add a new warning to fingerprints. The remake of the 1937 film, the leader of the Best Picture in the coming Oscars, now has a new warning with "sex scenes, insulting language and drug use" and "suicide".

When Bradley Cooper's character was hanging in his garage, a complaint about the suffering of the viewers of the Police Victim Assistance, which said two vulnerable young people "severely triggered," came out. The Office of Film & Literature Classification said complaints were raised by the Mental Health Foundation. The film is rated "M" in Australia – with a new warning "Unlimited and suitable for 16+". David Shanks praised the film's death scene, but was still skeptical about its impact.

Guardian quotes David Shanks, head of the New Zealand Film Classification Committee. "Many people in New Zealand suicide." "If you send a warning message to people who have lost someone close to you, this is an informed choice."

The Mental Health Foundation also delicately handles the scene of death on the outside of the screen, but some viewers are extremely distressed and need to get professional support.

In 1937, the fourth version of the movie, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, was used as a lead mentor for a singer who stared and helped to get her spotlight – destruction. This film supports the success of women and the decline of men. The mere story line of the film captivated the audience for decades, and some people compared it to the story of "Pygmalion." And some compared with Cinderella, the fairy goddess who gave her makeup to Cinderella, and Cinderella, the prince who married her. The evil stepmother who finally gave her a jealous and finally ruined and happy ending to the heroine. One of the beauty of the movie is that in all versions the original story and most of the scenes are kept with new actors. Each version reflects the wave of feminism in various expressions.


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