Monday , October 25 2021

You expected the beginning of 2019 problems between Verstappen and Gasly


Red Bull Racing-Coureur Max Stages after next season gets a new team engine in the shape of Pierre Gasly. Franz Tost, team leader of Toro Rosso, has in split up with both racers and is of the opinion that we are beginning to find some problems in their relationship.

Tost hopes that he will be tackling the open arms of 2019 between the two elephants, as both riders wanted to be seen as the fastest.

"Both riders want to be successful and that will cause problems during a race. It's usually in the Formula 1 that races fighters for poses and looking for success ", Franz Tost compared TheNational.

"I think it ultimately all comes well in between, because they are professional enough to find a way to find it" aldus the team of the Italian renal.

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