Friday , July 30 2021

Where and how can you see Season 8 or Game of Thrones?

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Ziggo is sitting on the throne
It's not that easy to see the series online. Who is a Ziggo customer is in the right place. At Ziggo you can order the package "Movies & Series (X) L" at the top of the TV subscription. Here you can watch all seasons and see the new season. The package "Movies & Series (X) L costs € 11.95 in a month. With a Ziggo Go subscription, you can launch the episodes the day after they broadcast in America, where you'll be the new season at 14 April starts.

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KPN is not participating
As a KPN subscription, you are out of luck. There is no way to see Game of Thrones without a Ziggo subscription. Therefore, for KPN subscribers, waiting for the last season on DVD and Blu-Ray is waiting. Do you have a friend, family member or a Ziggo Movies & Series subscription? Ask if you can add 's app's Ziggo Go (download on App Store and Play Store). With this app you can watch the series on your smartphone or tablet. You can even use this app to use the Stream via an Apple TV or Chromecast! But the best thing is to switch to Ziggo. Then you can instantly show the Live Formula 1 that's just visible on Ziggo and you have a super fast internet connection.

Final season and trailer
The official first trailer of season 8 fan Game of Thrones came out earlier this month. In & # 39; the trailer we see the release date & # 39; US HBO: April 14th. A day later we can enjoy the new episode in the Netherlands. See the trailer of the last season down belowGame of Thrones.

The eighth and last season fan Game of Thrones can be seen on Ziggo Movies & Series (X) L from April 15th.

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