Sunday , October 17 2021

Weather report: Falling weather will be clouded with rain and rain NU


It is Thursday again gray and cloudy. He also dropped regularly around the corner. Just right the evening is the drunk. It's a bit sharper than the last days, with temperatures lying around the 10 degrees.

In the early morning it is cloudy and he falls here and there are some rain or rain. The temperature is around 7 degrees long. It wears a mature or powerful, powerful wind.

Overnight he does not change much of the weather. It remains cloudy and it still falls from time to time or rain. In the afternoon can be sunbathing even the sun breaks.

Only in the evening of the evening it is dry in the west. The matte to very powerful stern wind feels soft air; In the afternoon it is about 11 degrees. The windmill is matte to very powerful land and powerful to hard on the coast and beyond the IJsselmeer.

In the night to Friday it is solemnly cloudy, but it is dry on most places. In the west, he has a number of explanations in the loop of the night, but he can also find a bowl of seeds. The minimum temperatures lie around 8 degrees at a moderate, but slowly the wind's powerful wind.

Coming 5 days Max Min Wind
Friday 11 ° C 9 ° C ZW 4
Saturday 9 ° C 6 ° C Z 4
Sunday 12 ° C 8 ° C ZW 4
Monday 12 ° C 9 ° C ZW 4
Tuesday 10 ° C 7 ° C ZW 4

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