Tuesday , January 18 2022

Van Dijk: They'll pay less for De Ligt | Soccer


"He is already very far in that age, good defender, good boy, calm, knowing what he wants and hopefully he makes the right choice in the next step."

De Ligt Van Dijk will soon be the most expensive defender in the world? "No, they will pay a little money to Matthijs, but the amount for me was very high.No, do not be fooled, it's the same, and if he becomes the most expensive defender, I will be the first person to celebrate him is. "

Van Dijk did not use the name De Ligt in Liverpool. "He'll be on the list because there are enough scouts in the club," but there is still the best scout alongside De Ligt in the center of Orange. "No, but if I need my opinion in Liverpool, I will give it."

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