Tuesday , January 19 2021

Utopia – Billy Beautygloss gives punch to boxing stars

Billy Bakker said two weeks ago that she could participate in the Boxing Stars program. Joëlle Witschge found out she was waiting for her and decided to give up her participation in the much discussed RTL 5 program. The battle between Joellele and Beautygloss required a replacement. I utopia icon Billy!

Soon to be educated, Billy knew Mascha to show all the corners of the boxing ring! The reality star has won. "I think it's great, I've been able to accomplish this in ten days, I am very proud, I am very happy to coach, he really took everything and without him I could not do this." , Billy said the Insta story of the boxing star after the game.

Mascha took her loss in a sporting way. After a boxing match against Billy, the YouTube star said, "I liked it very much. We showed that a woman could do it.

The girls finished with a big hug.

Billy has to start next season against former Golden Cage Diva Amanda Balk. Former Oscar nominee Matsoe Matsoe and YouTube star Koen Weijland are also in the next round.

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