Thursday , August 11 2022

US officials stop working with Glennis Grace. now


Lauren Walters and Josh Williams, who are in charge of managing Glennis Grace in the US, have stopped working with Dutch singers.

"Josh and I want Glennis to have a better career," replies Monday. RTL Boulevard.

"Unfortunately this has always been a very orthodox situation from the beginning and it has never really become more flexible. We do not work with customers in this way and there is no time or energy to continue on this path."

According to Walters and Williams, it is "nothing personal". "Sometimes when things do not work in the business world and our partners walk the other way, we always support Glennis and wish her continued success." "Certainly it will come to her, and we can be sure of it."

In the entertainment program, Grace 's executives issued a statement on unexpectedly stopped collaboration.

Singer previously described the application's flow in & # 39;

Grace participated in a talent show this summer. American talent I have reached the end in this. Since then she has been busy keeping her career in the country. Singer said that the application was "flowing" in the past.

"But you have to be very careful about what you do and what you will not do. You are ready to deal with everything, but you have to choose the right one and make the right choices."

In the Netherlands Grace has paid tribute to the deceased singer, Whitney Houston, and there will be a demand for a concert series in the United States.

"But first I have to find myself as I want. If I have a big party that wants to show this in Las Vegas or other big stadiums, I'd like to sleep there at night." According to the singer. "It's totally crazy, but it will be once."

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