Saturday , January 22 2022

Tomato sauce in a white bean pot Razor: & # 39; sweat breaks me & # 39; interior


Emmenaar purchased beans from Lidl in the Emmerhout area. "I was really shocked.I wanted to eat beans with my children.When I thought about what could happen because we almost did not survive, my sweat broke me.I immediately put the beans and razor blades in the pot, I brought it, "Orsel says.

I think he is deliberate. "When I think back, the hairs on my neck are straight, who is doing that?"

Lidl will investigate how the razor ends in the jar. "We are very annoyed at what happened, and it is still too early to provide more detailed information at this time," the spokesman said.

There is no other report on Lidl Nederland's Food Razor.

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