Monday , August 8 2022

The quality of life in poor areas is steadily declining.


The quality of life for neighbors with many social rental houses is steadily declining. Many people with problems live close to each other, the health of the residents is not good and the discomfort increases. This is indicated by a survey conducted by RIGO on behalf of AEDES, Association of Housing Associations and Trade Associations of Housing Unions. De Foxkrant And RTL News About writing.

According to the researchers, the problem is mainly in areas with more than two-thirds of the social housing. Approximately 1.5 million Dutch people live in neighborhoods of two-thirds of housing units.

No other choice

Family members are leaving, their capacity is disappearing from their neighbors, and problems are accumulating, said Marnix Norder, president of Aedes De Foxkrant. "The worst thing is that thousands of people have to live in the wells of society."

The cheapest social rental residence is being given to more and more vulnerable residents. For example, psychiatric problems, status holders, single parents and intellectuals with disabilities.

It is difficult to spread.

According to research institutes, the main reason is that the social rental housing is only offered to people with very (very) low incomes. In addition, better local community rental housing is often more expensive. This makes the problem more difficult to spread.

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