Tuesday , May 30 2023

The problem of light De Kuip has been permanently resolved. now


The problem with De Kuip's light columns has certainly been resolved. The final test was successful on Monday, so the Nations league match between the Dutch national team and France could continue on Friday.

"We informed the Football Association about this, and KNVB specifically asked for confirmation," said stadium director Jan van Merwijk. "Everything will go smoothly and we are looking forward to a beautiful orange evening."

All tests were successfully completed with the stadium lights on Monday. Just after the start of the league match between Feyenoord and VVV-Venlo, Lightpal fell on Sunday, November 4th. Stopped duel will be played on December 6th.

During the week, ten Stadion Feijenoord staff members participated in lighting repairs and testing.

"Of course we are not satisfied with what happened, but a good lesson," Van Merwijk said. "Since both broken and fragile parts have been replaced, construction errors are no longer possible and we took all steps to prevent repetition."

The final interruption is no longer a problem.

According to Van Merwijk, De Kuip can solve new problems properly when installing lighting. Therefore, the final interruption of competition should no longer be in order.

"We are so called Resolution Lighting can be reversed in two ways. This allows the game to resume within a defined 30-minute period, so you can continue your game all the time. "

The Orange and France Nations League match starts at De Coupac at 20:45 on Friday.

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