Saturday , October 16 2021

Staatsbosbeheer and adverteurs grazers Oostvaardersplassen not prosecuted interior

Due to the severe winter there were a relatively high number of grazers in the area at the beginning of the year. People who reported a report against the National Supreme Court found that the organization failed in its duty of care.

The Public Procedure Service states that the National Governor should follow the national policy to provide as much space as possible in the area, and that the death of animals is not limited to " the organization can be resolved.

While grazing of grazing also falls to the national policy, the people who do this will not be bought. It is explained explicitly that the result remains and continues to be still in future.

The Public Criminal Court has taken account of the fact that the situation has changed in Oostvaardersplassen. There is a better part, the population of big grass is smaller and therefore there is more food for the animal.

On Tuesday, a 57-year-old man had a joint service of sixty hours, of which half of the plan was. He was condemned to destroy a sluice in dry dry July in order to supply the animals too little water in the area.

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