Saturday , September 18 2021

Sefolder De Vooravond is called Khalid and Sophie | TV

Earlier it was previously announced that Sophie Hilbrand and Khalid Kasem will present the program alternately from August on NPO 1. They replace Renze Klamer and Fidan Ekiz, who were immediately taken off the tube in June Eve because it would be ‘not driving’ enough.

Hilbrand has already gained experience as a talk show host from Op 1, where they have formed a regular duo with Hugo Logtenberg since the start last January. “After a year and a half Op 1 the talk show table tastes like more, ‘she said in a response. “I will miss Hugo very much, but I am proud to be able to create this program for my club BNNVARA in that beautiful place, together with a new team. And I’m also curious about the new man in my life. ”

Kasem’s name is more striking. He has a bit of presentation experience. Most viewers will know him as a lawyer for his own law firm De Vries & Kasem – which he runs alongside Royce, the son of Peter R. de Vries – and as a spokesman for the family of footballer Abdelhak Nouri. He also participated in the program last year The smartest person, in which he became second.

“Surprise, interest and enthusiasm. That’s what I take with me and what should lead to wonderful, inspiring conversations, “Kasem said in a statement.” This challenge is nothing like anything I’ve done so far, but I’m extremely motivated to work with Sophie and the entire team. to create a talk show that people will enjoy watching. “

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